Attorney Juana Maria Rojas


377026_88059e95994445c1a0115637caaf09b2Juana Maria Rojas immigrated to the United States in 1961 with her family. Although her father was an attorney in Cuba, the family lost everything and had to start over. Like most immigrants, the family suffered hardship and financial setbacks. Her mother became a housekeeper and her father worked as a janitor for several years. She grew up in a poor section of Los Angeles, California.

The old saying “what doesn’t kill makes you stronger” applies to Ms. Rojas. She beat the odds and made it through college and law school by paying her own way. After completing law school, she worked for a law firm which specialized in medical malpractice, toxic torts and complex automobile crashes. She eventually became a partner in the firm.

In 1991, she moved to Tampa, Florida and established her own practice shortly after. Because of her background, Ms. Rojas can relate to the devastating insecurity her clients go through when a weekly paycheck is suddenly stopped due to an injury. She understands why a parent becomes distraught when the family car is totaled in a car crash.

Ms. Rojas has devoted her career to helping those people who have had their lives completely ruined due to someone else’s mistakes.

She has a son, a daughter and three spoiled rescue dogs. Her son, Justin is a Marine lieutenant who has been assigned to fly the cobra helicopter and recently married a naval officer, Abigail, who is also a helicopter pilot. Ms. Rojas daughter is a junior at University of Florida who plans on also going to law school. 

Juana is fluent in both English and Spanish. 






University of Utah College of Law 1983


University of California
BA Psychobiology