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Errors Leading To Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are caused due to human errors or vehicle malfunctions. Aggressive driving and bad weather conditions also result in accidents but truck driver error is considered as the major cause of a truck accident. A victim due to a truck accident should investigate the driver’s conduct and the trucking company. It might be possible […]

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Tampa, Florida Car Accident Lawsuits For Speeding Driver Liability

Car accidents keep on increasing with rising traffic levels. Speeding vehicles are a major cause of accidents. When an accident takes place due to the recklessness or carelessness of another driver, fair compensation should be given to the other person, that was following the rules and was driving within speed limits. This compensation includes the […]

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Significance Of Wearing A Helmet During A Motorcycle Accident In Florida

You can find several motorcycle riders in the sunshine state of Florida. There are more than half a million motorbikes registered in Florida and biking tourism is a huge draw in the state. Any lawyer handling the case of motorcycle accidents have to be aware of the motorcycle helmet law in Florida. It is a […]

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The Recent Spike In Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are becoming more and more common, at increasing risk to both commuters and recreational cyclers. Many such accidents cause serious injury for the cyclist, and it’s not uncommon for drivers to flee the scene. In many cases, accidents between cars and bikes can be fatal. While sharing the road always comes with some […]

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Is It Necessary To Wear a Helmet?

Helmet Defense for Motorcycle Accidents! There are many motorcycles to be found in the sunshine state of Florida. You can find more than 5, 00, 000 registered motorcycles in the state. During the cases of motorcycle accidents that cause injuries and wrongful deaths there is a common question raised, is it necessary to wear helmets […]