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School Driving During The Pandemic

Morning commutes have always been hectic, but during the pandemic, they’ve become even more complicated. When everyone was working from home, it wasn’t as bad, but now that offices and schools are reopening, the chaos has returned with a vengeance. Accidents are common during the morning commute hours, so it’s no surprise we’ve been hit […]

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After A Multi-Vehicle Car Accident In Tampa, Florida

If there are many vehicles involved in a car accident there are questions about the liability it is a good idea for the accident victims to get a piece of advice from a qualified attorney to make sure that their rights are protected. In case you have sustained injuries due to carelessness or mistake by […]

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Your Claim After An Emergency Vehicle Accident

A motor vehicle accident with an emergency vehicle is an intimidating situation to face. Accidents between pedestrian vehicles are never good, but it is often easier to determine fault- and pursue compensation- in those situations. After being involved in an emergency vehicle accident, you may have a claim, but you may not know where you […]


Dog Bite Accidents

Have you become a victim in a dog bite accident? If so, you understand the extensive medical and financial damages associated with the event, and probably feel you deserve compensation for your injuries. The first step to receiving compensation, however, is understanding your case and the laws surrounding it. Dog bites can a very traumatic […]

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Pedestrian Accidents And Other Accidents Involving Small Children

Small children are always susceptible to injuries and they are especially likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents. According to a survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of five children that are aged below 15 and were killed in traffic accidents in 2015 were due to pedestrian accidents. It […]