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Car Accident Risk Factors For Teenage Drivers

Car accidents are one of the leading reasons for deaths among teenagers in the US. However, teenage car crashes can be prevented and there are proven strategies available that can prove the safety of these young drivers on the roads. The risk of injuries sustained during car crashes is higher in the case of teenagers […]

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Benefits Of Hiring A Car Accident Attorney When You’re Not At Fault

After you’ve been injured in a car accident you may find yourself wondering whether you should hire an attorney. Although you’re under no obligation to do so, it is in your best interest to schedule a consultation with a lawyer so you can learn about your legal rights. This is especially true when the accident […]

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Back to School Driving Tips in Florida during Coronavirus Pandemic

The morning commute to the school or the back to school routine can be hectic. More number of car accidents in Florida occur during this morning school driving commute period thanks mainly to a combination of fatigue, distraction, rushing, and the chaos in general during the morning times. This year the back-to-school driving has become […]

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Getting A Personal Injury Attorney For Receiving Pain And Suffering Damages In Florida

Nobody sets out to be involved in accidents but there is neglect involved in all kinds of accidents. This neglect could be in the form of a motorist performing texting while driving and ramming into your car as a result of the distraction. The neglect may come from a grocery store as well that hasn’t […]

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School Driving During The Pandemic

Morning commutes have always been hectic, but during the pandemic, they’ve become even more complicated. When everyone was working from home, it wasn’t as bad, but now that offices and schools are reopening, the chaos has returned with a vengeance. Accidents are common during the morning commute hours, so it’s no surprise we’ve been hit […]