Drunk Driving: One of the Top Causes of Auto Accidents

Drunk Driving: One of the Top Causes of Auto Accidents

Drunk driving leads to serious accidents and injuries on the road. It happens when somebody drives under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol impairs a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle by affecting their judgment, reaction time, and coordination. 

Drunk driving is a top cause of car accidents in the United States, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2019, alcohol-impaired driving crashes killed 10,142 individuals, accounting for 28% of all road deaths that year.

Drunk driving is a crime in all states, and the penalties vary by state. However, in general, a person can be charged with drunk driving if their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is above the legal limit, typically 0.08% in most states. Penalties for drunk driving include fines, jail time, and losing a driver’s license.

Percentage of Car Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

Source: CDC

  • Every day, 29 individuals are killed in drunk driving accidents in the United States, which equates to one death every 50 minutes.
  • In a recent year, alcohol-related crashes killed 10,497 people, accounting for almost 28% of all traffic deaths in the country.
  • Also that year, drunk drivers were responsible for 17% of road deaths involving children under 15.

If you plan to consume alcohol, you must choose a responsible driver. Contact the authorities immediately if you find someone who seems to be intoxicated behind the wheel. Every effort to prevent drunk driving can help save lives and prevent serious road accidents.

Drunk Driving Accident Settlements in Florida

We will highlight some of the settlements obtained by victims of Drunk driving accidents. These settlements will illustrate real settlement amounts in drunk driving accident cases. Furthermore, you will know how you may increase the settlement value of a case if the negligent driver is intoxicated.

Source: (https://www.justinziegler.net/florida-injury-settlements/florida-drunk-driving-accident-injury-settlements/)

Settlement of $95,000 for a Man hit by a drunk driver

A 44-year-old man was involved in a car accident in South Florida when the driver of the other car crashed into him head-on. The at-fault driver had been attempting to make a u-turn in the roadway and was driving in the wrong direction at the time of the accident. When the police arrived, they discovered that the driver had been drinking and conducted a DUI investigation, leading to her arrest. The accident victim sustained injuries, including two bulging discs and two herniated discs, as shown on MRI films. The negotiated settlement of $95,000 was over five times the initial offer without going to court. Most of the settlement was for the victim’s pain and suffering.

Settlement of $33,000 for a head-on collision with a drunk driver

On July 30, 2018, a woman named Shankeva was injured in a head-on car crash in Holly Hill, Florida. She was a passenger in her boyfriend’s car when another driver crashed into the car in front of them. The driver of the other car died in the accident. Shankeva suffered a hip injury, specifically a fracture in her acetabulum, but did not require surgery. The at-fault driver, Terry, was arrested and charged with causing the accident. Toxicology and microbiology reports showed that he tested positive for drugs, including Xanax and marijuana. Shankeva searched online for a car accident lawyer and hired one after receiving a free consultation. In cases where the at-fault driver tests positive for drugs, the case’s potential value may be higher due to the possibility of obtaining punitive damages. However, the number of punitive damages awarded may depend on the net worth of the at-fault driver.

Settlement for Uninsured Motorist Insurance of $30,000.

Jessica was a passenger in a rear-ended car by a drunk driver in Miami, Florida. She suffered back and neck pain after the accident and sought legal representation. The drunk driver lacked bodily injury liability coverage; they could not compensate Jessica’s healthcare cost, lost income, and pain and suffering. Jessica’s mother had uninsured motorist insurance, and they could claim the policy for $30,000, which is the limit for uninsured motorist coverage on the policy. This case illustrates the importance of having uninsured motorist coverage in case of accidents involving drivers who do not have insurance.

Drunk Driver Settlement of $25K

Erika was a passenger in a car hit by a drunk motorist on July 3, 2014. The intoxicated driver failed to yield the right of way, hit the vehicle, and then struck a building. Erika was taken to the hospital and treated for a cut on her leg and a lower leg contusion. She did not require stitches and only received a bandage for her injury. Erika experienced neck, back, and leg pain from the accident and hired a personal injury lawyer. The drunk driver’s insurance company had $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage and agreed to pay the full amount to settle the case.

What is the Average Time to Get a Settlement?

Certain factors influence how long an accident case takes to settle. Drunk driving is one of the main causes of car accidents in the USA. As a result, drunk driving cases tend to settle faster than other car accidents.

An average claim normally follows the following process:

  • Claiming the deadline.
  • Following the claim’s submission, the insurance company and the at-fault party must react.
  • Initially, negotiations take place outside of court.
  • You will receive a settlement if the negotiations are successful.
  • If discussions fail, you will go to court to determine whether or not a settlement will be awarded.
  • It normally takes one to three months to finalize and collect your settlement if you bargain outside of court. However, if you go to trial, you may have to wait much longer.

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