You may think that a car accident or other type of crash could never happen to you. However, something bad enough can occur and break your back financially and emotionally- even if this means filing suit against those responsible with no financial gain insight.

Our goal is to make the process of dealing with auto accidents or other incidents easy for you so that they do not cause any discomfort. We have over 30 years of experience providing legal services and will take care of all aspects related to your claim-related needs during this difficult time.

The attorneys at Rojas Law Group are committed to making sure everyone who incurs injuries due to an auto collision has access to justice which prompts them to assist victims through every step after being involved one way or another without much difficulty.

Need English and Spanish Speaking Auto Accident Lawyer in Pinellas Park?

Rojas Law Group is committed to ensuring that no language barriers exist for their clients, which means the staff members speak Spanish and English. This ensures everyone involved in your case can easily understand what needs doing or how it’s progressing without any confusion whatsoever.

The only type of case Attorney Rojas has accepted and handled for over thirty years is Negligence law, which makes her an expert in investigating auto accidents. She knows how to research injuries effectively while dealing with insurance companies that deny you just compensation because they don’t consider your crash was “no-fault.”

Required Pinellas Park Personal Injury Lawyer With Expertise In Handling Negligence Law?

When you need our help, we start by contacting all of your insurance companies and ensuring that they have the right information. We also request a police report, so this doesn’t happen again. 

After talking with witnesses or completing any necessary paperwork for wages lost because of damages to the property during an event like an accident (or other loss), it’s time to get what may be missing: rental vehicles if needed; Then we start investigating if any wages may have been lost due to this unfortunate accident; help complete paperwork. In most cases, we have the insurance limits within 48 hours and notify our clients.

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Hiring a personal injury lawyer for auto accidents may seem like an overwhelming decision, but it is important to do so if you have been injured in the line of duty and cannot travel or are too sick for us at our office. We will come to see as much needed assistance with your case when necessary.

If you want an experienced personal injury attorney who cares about you, Contact us. We are available on the weekends and 24/7 in the event of an emergency.