We all fall sick at some point in time. But is it possible to become so sick that you are unable to drive? What if there is a car accident while driving in such a condition? Is it considered negligence by law? There is more than a single study that has found out that even […]

No matter where you live foggy conditions can occur which can frequently end up causing a car accident. Here are several things that you need to think about if you run into foggy conditions on the road. You should stay in if at all possible. If road conditions are foggy and you do not have […]

When you’re driving alone at night in Florida there are some additional dangers that you should be aware of. While you probably already realize that more car accidents occur at this time of the night because people are tired, there are some things that you may not realize. For instance, there are more drunk driving […]

In St. Petersburg leaders are looking at ways to update the city’s micromobility options, including electric bikes. This will be taken into consideration on February 6 when the city council will consider approving the second amendment to their agreement with Cycle Hop LLC (the company that’s been responsible for the city’s bike share program since […]

Whenever the police are out and about while doing their job, they’re on the lookout for anyone who may be breaking the law. Recently, they’ve started looking out for something new that’s now against the law – texting and driving. Introducing the new law to Florida’s Drivers According to Trooper Ken Watson, most people have […]

When you’re in a car accident in Florida, you may experience some serious injuries. You may also get injured if you break down on the highway or are a pedestrian near a road. Major roads are major dangers. Fortunately, if you find yourself there dealing with your vehicle, there are some things you should do […]

When you live in Tampa you’ll be driving over and around water almost daily. In 2017 there were 11 people who were killed in Florida when their vehicles crashed in water. According to the American Automobile Association, in 2018 about 21,000 crashes in which 1,800 people died throughout the United States. There are some tools […]

Recently AAA conducted a research study about new ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) technologies including adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and lane-keeping assistance. While these technologies were created to help keep you and your passengers safe while you’re driving on the road, this research discovered that it may be causing car accidents instead. What AAA’s Research […]

Unfortunately, disaster has a way of happening when we least expect it. This is something that bankruptcy attorneys know all too well. After all, people rarely make an appointment to talk to these lawyers when their lives are going well. Instead, clients enter their offices when something has gone horribly wrong, oftentimes quite unexpectedly – […]

When you’re driving alone at night in Florida you face some additional dangers that you wouldn’t otherwise be faced with. Not only are other drivers more fatigued but there are also drunk drivers on the road too. Add to this the fact that visibility is generally poor and that there may be wildlife on the […]