Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Juana Maria Rojas is an experienced truck accident lawyer in Tampa, FL. If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, reach out today to request a free, no-obligation consultation.

In Detail....

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately 4,400 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes in 2016 (the last year for data). That same year, there were approximately 119,000 injuries resulting from crashes involving big rigs.

Truck accidents that do not result in fatalities are still devastating. The sheer size and force of a truck colliding with a much smaller passenger vehicle often results in disabling and life-altering injuries. Common injuries in these cases include spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and chronic pain that can last a lifetime.

We Know Trucking Cases

With over 30 years of experience, attorney Juana Rojas understands the unique issues presented by cases made against trucking companies. In addition to the issues presented by the insurance companies, there are also state and federal regulations that govern the trucking industry and issue of whether a Florida State Court has jurisdiction over an out of state driver or company.

If a truck driver or trucking company fails to comply with regulations governing the industry, and this causes a crash in which someone is injured, the driver and/or the company should be held responsible for paying the victim’s damages. Some such restrictions that govern the industry include:

  • Driver certification and training
  • Daily log of total hours driven and breaks taken
  • Lower BAC level required for DUI
  • Vehicle inspections and maintenance
  • Drug tests, license suspension, and revocation for truckers convicted of a DUI

The Rojas Law Group

As an attorney with over 30 years of legal experience, I have represented dozens of clients who were injured in trucking accidents. I have yet to resolve a case against a trucking company without resorting to litigation.

Often these insurers do not have local offices in Florida and hire an independent adjusting company. These companies will sometimes take months to pay for the property damage. You can imagine what it takes to get them to adequately compensate for injuries. These adjusters routinely fail to respond to case demands, don’t want to respond to policy limit requests and never have the authority it takes to settle a claim. These companies play hardball. It really does take an aggressive, experienced lawyer to take on these carriers.

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The Rojas Law Group has the experience and the resources to pursue cases against the carriers who insure trucking companies. The entire office is fluent in English and Spanish. Attorney Rojas will travel to your home or office for the initial meeting and will not ask you to sign her contract if you are hospitalized. Call 813-879-2223 for a free, no obligation consultation.