When you are the victim of negligence, it can be difficult for your emotional stability and financial well-being. Thankfully there is someone determined to help provide justice on behalf of those who have been injured or wronged by this kind of behavior – Rojas Law Group.

The attorneys at Rojas Law Group have been providing legal services for over 30 years in Lakeland, Florida. One of their top priorities is ensuring that clients are taken care of, which means they will do everything possible, whether it’s a slip and fall accident or personal injury, to help you get through this difficult time as quickly and efficiently as possible by making sure each person gets the representation they need when needed most.

Want Attorneys who can speak both Spanish and English?

Rojas Law Group has the expertise to navigate Spanish or English-speaking families through any type of legal issue that may arise. Their staff can communicate with you in both languages, which will make sure no one who needs help is left out when it comes time for case management and settlement negotiations with insurance companies after negligence accidents have injured loved ones on their property.

Ms. Rojas will personally evaluate your case without obligation to hire her and at no cost to you.

Best Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Available in Lakeland

When you need our help, we start by contacting all of your insurance companies and ensuring that they have the right information. We also request a police report, so this doesn’t happen again. 

After talking with witnesses or completing any necessary paperwork for wages lost because of damages to the property during an event like an accident (or other loss), it’s time to get what may be missing: rental vehicles if needed; Then we start investigating if any wages may have been lost due to this unfortunate accident; help complete paperwork. In most cases, we have the insurance limits within 48 hours and notify our clients.

Get In Touch

If you are so badly hurt that your ability to travel for work or get where we meet is limited, Ms. Rojas will visit you at no cost as long as there’s an opportunity for recovery on your part.

If you want an experienced personal injury attorney who cares about you, call us. We are available on the weekends and 24/7 in the event of an emergency.