Lawyers For Dog Bites- Everything You Need To Know

Lawyers For Dog Bites: Everything You Need To Know

A dog bite can be a gruesome and frightening event. Numerous animal attacks result in severe wounds, causing lasting psychological trauma and long-term or permanent impairments, scarring, or disfigurement. Tragically, when a child is a victim, these injuries and potentially the danger of death are significantly increased. However, the legislation about dog attacks can be highly obscure and complex, making it challenging for a non-lawyer to receive compensation for the subsequent injuries. This contrasts traffic accidents, slips, falls, or injuries caused by defective products. If a dog bite has hurt you or a loved one, Rojas LawGroup can represent you as lawyers for dog bites, who are knowledgeable about the law and can effectively prepare and present your case to win you the money you are entitled to.

Dog Bite Laws Vary from State to State

Some states adhere to a fundamental level of negligence and hold dog owners accountable when their carelessness causes their dog to bite someone else. Other states have adopted a strict liability standard that makes owners accountable whenever a pet bites someone, regardless of negligence or whether the owner used reasonable care when caring for or handling the animal. Another common method simply holds owners accountable if they know their pet has a nasty or deadly propensity to bite or attack. Because an owner may not be held responsible for an animal’s first assault on a person but is put on notice and held accountable for subsequent attacks, this doctrine is frequently referred to as the “one free bite” rule.

Many states choose a different strategy, including components from three distinct liability theories. When an animal assaults a person in New York, the owner is responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills. However, the owner is only legally responsible for additional losses if they know the animal’s harmful tendencies. In California, if the victim was lawfully on the owner’s property at the time of the attack, the dog’s owner may be held accountable. In Georgia, if a dog is violent or dangerous, the owner may be held responsible for injuries caused by negligent management, allowing the animal to roam free, or violating a law requiring the animal to be on a leash or heel.

The Right Attorney For An Animal Attack Can Help

Compound fractures, face lacerations and puncture wounds, internal injuries, nerve damage, scarring and ugliness, rabies, and psychological trauma are just a few of the major injuries that can result from dog bites. Occasionally, victims of ferocious animal attacks have despair, PTSD, or a lifetime phobia of canines or open spaces in addition to permanent physical disability. Additionally, the chance of dying from an animal attack exists, especially if the victim is a young child.

An accident sufferer must also overcome other obstacles in addition to proving the number of their damages. Pet owners can utilize several defenses, such as saying that the victim provoked the animal, assumed the risk of being bitten, or started or assisted in the incident to avoid getting bitten. Additionally, dog bite victims could be reluctant to file a lawsuit against the owner because they are unsure of the law or because they are a friend, neighbor, or relative of the owner who does not want the owner or the dog to face legal repercussions. However, insurance is frequently available to pay for all or part of the costs of medical care and any financial losses brought on by the attack. And insurance is specifically made to achieve this.                    

Over 1,000 individuals attend the emergency department every day due to animal assaults and dog bites, and scores of people pass away from dog bites every year. In addition to securing much-needed compensation for you and your family, taking legal action against the owner of a dangerous animal makes the neighborhood safer and keeps others from being attacked.

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