Safe Driving Tips For The Tampa Roads

Safe Driving Tips For The Tampa Roads

The road conditions can change within a few minutes no matter what time of the year it is. One of the better ways of combating this issue on the roads of Tampa , FL in general is to drive defensively at all times. By staying alert and remaining vigilant you will be able to avoid catastrophe. Here are some tips for your safe driving while on the Florida roads all year round.

1. Keep Your Hands on the Steering Wheel at all Times: When you have both your hands on the driving wheel it will help you concentrate on the road better. The old-school method of having hands at “10 and 2” positions for safe driving has now been replaced with a “9 and 3” position rule. The reason behind this rule is that not only is it more comfortable but it also prevents the thumbs from looping around the wheel. This may cause harm if there is an accident in Tampa.

2. Keep Away from Distractions: When you have your hands on the wheel it also makes sure that your hands are not busy fiddling with radio control, pushing the buttons of the smartphone, or operating some other device that may cause a distraction leading to a car crash. These distractions are the biggest deterrent against safe driving even outnumbering the drunk driving. This problem is compounded further with high speed. Therefore, when you are safe driving down the Interstate 95 on your next road trip ensure that you keep your hands where they should be.

3. Keep Monitoring Your mirrors continuously: According to an academic study conducted the drivers must check their side and rearview mirrors at least once in five seconds. This may sound a bit of an overkill but it makes sure that you are aware of the things happening around you. For instance, the aggressive drivers many times put the pedal down to the metal and they do that coming out from nowhere. This places an imminent threat for your safety on the Tampa roads. Apart from this, there may be other cars lurking in the blind spots and without looking in the mirrors you will not have the necessary information to make a decision about changing lanes or turning. Never leave your safety to chance. Keep checking the mirrors as often as you can.

4. Keep Yourself Visible on the Road: It is very common for car collisions to occur on the Tampa roads because the drivers have just not seen each other. In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your car, ensure that the car is visible on the road at all times. It includes the use of headlights and turning indicators whenever required. You need to inspect the car periodically to make sure that your brake lights are working properly.

5. Keep using the 2-second Rule: When you are on a rural road or on a busy highway you need to maintain a safe distance from other cars. Normally you may wish to keep around two seconds behind the vehicle in front to ensure safe driving. When the weather conditions worsen in the Tampa area you can raise this time lag to 4 seconds. When there are bikers around, you may wish to extend this lag even more. If you follow the vehicle in front of you at a closer distance you will be risking rear-end collision as there isn’t sufficient time to hit the brakes.


Safe driving in Tampa is not too difficult. All that is required is due diligence and a focused effort to staying alert all the time while you are on the road. By using these ideas you will probably stay safe on the roads no matter where you are driving to in the US. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, sometimes bad drivers can behave recklessly and if there is a collision in Florida and a need for representation you can get in touch with Rojas Law Group who can help you with your legal claims.

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