Most enthusiasts really enjoy motorcycle riding on an open road in the summer air. This is both fun and exciting but it’s important to always remember that accidents can happen – some of which may be deadly. Unfortunately, most of these accidents happen in the summertime, which is why it’s important to remember safety tips before hopping on your bike.

Inspect Your Bike

When your bike has sat for a while you should inspect its safety before riding it on the open road. Make sure you look at:

  • Tire tread and pressure
  • Head and brake lights
  • Turn signals

Bring the Proper Gear

You should never wear jeans, a t-shirt, or sandals when you go motorcycle riding. Although it’s tempting to dress this way since it’s hot outside, you should opt for the proper lightweight gear instead. It’ll help you stay cool while also keeping you protected. With this in mind, make sure you’re wearing gloves, a helmet, protective eyewear, and the correct footwear.

Motorcycle Riding in the Summertime

It’s quite common for motorcycle riders to suffer from heat exhaustion in the summertime. This is why you shouldn’t ride during the early to mid-afternoon. If you must ride during these times, make sure you stay well-hydrated, especially if you’re going on a longer trip.

Motorcycle Riding in the Rain

When you ride your motorcycle in wet, slippery conditions, you’re more likely to get into an accident. This is because rain makes it harder to see and makes it harder for your tires to grip the road, especially right after it starts raining because the road’s oil rises to the top then making them slick. If you must ride in the rain, make sure you don’t make any sudden maneuvers and that you’re gentle with your braking and steering. Pay attention for strong side winds too as they will push you sideways.

Watch for Road Hazards

Transitioning from winter to summer is hazardous on roads. Remember, your motorcycle has less contact with the pavement than a car does. Things like sand, wet leaves, and stones can easily cause your motorcycle to slide. Potholes and bumps that you barely notice in a car pose serious dangers for motorcycles. When you can’t avoid these things, at least slow down.

Verify Your Insurance

Don’t ride your motorcycle until you know that your insurance is both current and active. If it’s lapsed, you must buy a new policy before you hit the road. Make sure this policy offers you maximum bodily injury and uninsured motorist coverage. You also want property damage coverage. These things will make it possible for you to pay your medical bills if you do get into an accident while motorcycle riding.

Know Your Limits

As a motorcyclist you should know what your bike can and can’t do when it comes to speed, distance, and weather. Always keep these things in mind while riding your motorcycle so that you’re safe. When you’re traveling a long distance by motorcycle you should have a backup plan for when you encounter unexpected road or weather conditions.

Prepare for Your Passenger

When you’re riding with a passenger you should make sure you’re prepared to do so. For this you should have another helmet and secondary riding gear available. Make sure they also understand your bikes and your desires while they’re on it.


Even if you’re a highly experienced driver you should still take safety precautions when motorcycle riding. Preparation combined with a solid backup plan will go a long way here, but you never know when you may still get into an accident. If and when you do, make sure you contact the Rojas Law Group. They’ve helped many motorcyclists, such as yourself, over the years recover from accidents. You deserve to have them on your side so put their number on speed dial today.

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When you get into a car accident you should seriously consider hiring an experienced auto accident attorney to help you recover your losses, reduce the amount of paperwork you must do, and do away with the overall hassle that’s involved. Knowing when to hire legal aid can mean the difference between resolving your case fairly and owing a lot of money for damages. There are a few things you should know to determine when to hire legal help after a car accident.

Reasons for Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents happen every day. In fact, they make up most personal injury claims in the United States today. While a lot of these are minor accidents that you can handle by contacting your insurance company, when there’s physical injury or significant damage you should seek experienced legal representation. They can help ensure that your losses are covered.

What to Look for in an Attorney

There are many issues an auto accident attorney can handle for you. These include personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, and liability issues. Make sure you look at an attorney’s experience, commitment, skill level, location, and fees. Most lawyers will accept cases on a contingency meaning “no win, no fee” if they feel you have a solid case. If you do win, your attorney will get a percentage of your personal injury award – anywhere from one-third to 40% of its total depending on the state that you live in. You may still need to pay attorney fees though since these are out-of-pocket expenses that are associated with your case.

When to Hire an Attorney

Make sure you hire an auto accident attorney right away so you don’t make any costly mistakes. The deadline for doing so varies depending on the state you live in. However, the sooner, the better since you may have medical bills to pay or you may need to recover lost wages. This is why you should never wait any more than a few weeks and you should always make this contact before you reach a settlement with any insurance company that’s involved.

What to ask Your Attorney

Before you choose which attorney, you want to work with, make sure you have all the facts about the accident written down, including information about injuries and financial losses. You should also have your insurance policy, any information that was exchanged at the time of the accident, medical records, and any other documents ready when you meet with your attorney. At your first meeting, before signing any contracts, you should ask the attorney:

  • How much of your practice is devoted to car accident cases?
  • How much experience do you have with cases like the one I’ve been involved in?
  • How much of a settlement should I expect?
  • How much of the case do you handle?
  • What’s your fee structure?
  • Are there any out-of-pocket fees that I must cover?

When you’re ready to hire an auto accident attorney, make sure you contact the Rojas Law Group. They will prove an invaluable resource to you after your accident like they have for many others over the years so make sure you contact them today.

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When you purchase auto insurance, Florida law requires that the insurance agent have you select, in writing, whether or not you want to purchase UM/UIM coverage. You will be asked to sign a form similar to the attached. People usually have no clue as to what they’re signing what they are giving up if they select the box that I hereby reject UM/UIM coverage. This coverage is extremely important to have. In Florida, a vehicle can be registered with PIP and property damage liability insurance only. There is no requirement that bodily injury liability coverage be purchased. And on top of that, there is a high number of drivers which are flat out completely uninsured.

UM/UIM coverage steps into the shoes of every driver in the state of Florida. If you are struck by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, your UM/UIM coverage will step in and compensate you for the injuries caused by the at fault driver. Your UM/UIM policy will protect you against drivers who are completely uninsured and drivers who do not carry enough bodily injury coverage to compensate you for your injuries.

I have handled cases where the other driver was completely uninsured and my client had a great UM/UIM policy and was able to be fully compensated for injuries. I have also handled cases where the at fault driver had minimal bodily injury coverage of $10,000 yet my client had a $100,000 UM/UIM policy and thus was able to be fully compensated. I have also handled horrible cases where my client ended up with $300,000 in medical bills and the at fault party only had a $10,000 liability policy and no UM/UIM policy. My client would not be compensated at all and would end up owing thousands of dollars in bills.

My advice is spend the money and purchase stacked UM/UIM. When you have multiple cars, your stacked UM/UIM coverage is multiplied by the number of cars that you have on your policy.

If you have any questions about automobile insurance, I give free evaluations. Please feel free to call my office and when you come in, bring your policy declarations page so I can see what you have purchased.

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Riding a motorcycle is so much fun and especially in Florida’s great weather. You can move in and out of traffic easier than you can in a car, the wind is in your hair, you feel free and almost invincible because motorcycles are so quick to respond. I know this because I used to ride a motorcycle.

But it’s a fact that Florida leads the nation in motorcycle fatalities. Motorcyclists account for 19% of the state’s traffic fatalities. And even if the cyclist is not killed, the injuries can be devastating. A cyclist can use all the skill and caution in the world but if a driver decides to make a left turn into the side of your bike, there is very little you can do.

Take precautions by making sure that your headlights are working and wear a helmet, bright clothes and protective gear whenever you can.

If you do have a motorcycle accident, I understand the devastating loss you are experiencing and am available 24/7. I really do care about my clients and will visit you in the hospital or home without any obligation.

If you need an experienced personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL, contact Juana Maria Rojas today for a free case review.

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