Truck accidents are caused due to human errors or vehicle malfunctions. Aggressive driving and bad weather conditions also result in accidents but truck driver error is considered as the major cause of a truck accident.

A victim due to a truck accident should investigate the driver’s conduct and the trucking company. It might be possible that a trucking company allowed impaired or incompetent drivers or might not be following the maximum hour rules.

‍Truck Accidents Causes

Use of Drug

Many truckers use drugs to stimulate themselves to stay awake. A study showed that truck drivers intake cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines while driving. Consumption of drugs keeps them awake but urges them for rash driving. Drivers fall asleep as soon as these stimulants begin to wear off.

For safe navigation on the road, it is necessary to have quick reaction times, motor coordination, and problem-solving ability. However, drug consumption fades the abilities leading to accidents. Big trucks occupy more space and need more time for action than smaller ones. Thus, it becomes difficult to avoid truck accidents with the lingering effects of drugs.


Truck drivers sometimes drive under the pressure of meeting deadlines of customers and employers. However, traffic jams, bad weather conditions, and other factors cause a delay. When drivers are paid by the mile, they choose to speed up the vehicle to cover the distance and make up the lost time. This is dangerous and increases accident risk.

Distracted Driving

Driver distracts from driving due to several reasons like personal grooming, using a cell phone or other gadget, looking for a way on the map, or eating. All these distractions may lead to a truck accident.


Truck drivers may fall asleep due to fatigue. In this condition, they are inattentive and even ignore the signs indicating road conditions and other dangers. Sometimes they panic or overreact to a situation. Fatigue is one of the most preventable yet common causes of accidents. Extended hours of service cause fatigue and this is one of the major causes of road accidents. It is necessary to have a time limit for driving.

Weather Conditions

Due to bad weather conditions like snow, ice or rain the road becomes slippery. In this condition, truck drivers have to reduce their speed to slow down easily or stop when required. Otherwise, the vehicle loses traction with the road and a truck accident may occur.

No maintenance

Most truck drivers do not keep their vehicles updated. This is because big trucks are mostly owned by companies and drivers are appointed to drive the truck. It is a driver’s responsibility to report the problem and take care of the truck maintenance. Truck drivers do not take this task seriously and ignore problems. All this leads to accidents.

Careless Driving

Driving carelessly and aggressively is extremely dangerous. Aggressive drivers cannot stop suddenly increasing the risks. The careless behavior of one person creates an unsafe environment for others on the road. Sometimes due to road rage, truck drivers deliberately cause accidents.

Road Dangers

Narrowed, closed, or shifted lanes also cause accidents because at these zones traffic suddenly stops or slows. It creates confusion and leads to accidents.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, getting medical assistance is a priority. After that, you need to cover the costs as the bills arrive. This is when you need legal assistance to handle the trucking companies. Rojas Law Group in Tampa, FL, will help you out to get closer to financial and physical recovery.

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Truck accidents are responsible for causing severe injuries and can result in property damage. When you sustain injuries at the time of a truck accident you will be wondering if you need a truck accident attorney. This truck or car accident attorney can help in protecting your rights and aid you in getting compensation from the insurance companies that are covering the truck driver. This truck accident attorney will also provide much needed legal protection. If you are wondering about the need of having a truck accident attorney, take into account some of these significant considerations.

Can you handle the claim on your own?

Even though it is possible to try and handle the claim by yourself a better question is should you go about it? In most cases, the answer to this question is No. Most victims of a truck accident do not realize that a vehicle collision is more complex legally than your average car accident claim. It is quite difficult to get fair compensation without having an experienced truck accident attorney working for you. There are also the risks of making mistakes that can undermine your case.

Investigating the truck accident

Car accidents usually disrupt the traffic for an hour or so but truck accidents can keep the roads closed even for most of a day. It is also possible that multiple vehicles are involved in the accident and injuries suffered by the victims are severe. There are many fatal accidents taking place as well. The truck accident investigations have to be thorough and painstaking and they involve several agencies including local and state police apart from federal investigators and representatives from insurance companies. If you have a truck accident attorney, there is a dedicated person in place for your claim. After completing the initial consultation, a truck accident attorney will conduct an independent investigation of the truck accident.

Calculating the damages

When you are seriously injured due to a truck accident the main concern on your mind will be paying for the medical bills. The accident may force you to stop working for a while leaving you with no income to pay for the living expenses. Keep in mind that truck accident injuries are expensive but, the damages you receive are not limited to lost wages and medical expenses. You are also entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering, loss in earning capability, loss in enjoyment in life, etc. It is tough for the accident victims to consider the scope of the losses as they get overwhelmed with various bills. The experienced truck accident attorney has the knowledge required to evaluate the losses and then work with experts for calculating the damages.

Negotiations with the Insurers

One of the more difficult parts of any truck accident is dealing with the insurers. If there are several parties responsible for the truck accident there may be several truck accident claims involving many insurers. All insurance carriers are looking to find out a reason for paying you as less as possible or even outright deny the claim. They use many tricks towards this end and it is easy to fall into those traps especially at a time when you are injured and are in pain. The truck accident attorney can handle all the interactions with the insurers on your behalf. Legal representation is critical to protect your rights and negotiate a fair settlement.

All truck accident claims are complicated by nature. If you have sustained severe injuries in the crash or if you have lost a loved one in the truck accident, the last thing you should try and take on is trying to investigate the accident, dealing with the insurers, and fighting for compensation. If you live in the Tampa, FL area you can get in touch with Rojas Law Group for discussing all the aspects of your claim. Experienced truck accident attorneys are working with this firm that is aware of the methods used by insurance companies and they can pursue the matter to get maximum damages on your behalf.

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If there are many vehicles involved in a car accident there are questions about the liability it is a good idea for the accident victims to get a piece of advice from a qualified attorney to make sure that their rights are protected. In case you have sustained injuries due to carelessness or mistake by other drivers, the Florida law has the provision for you to recover losses and damages. This needs to be done by using a personal injury lawsuit. However, deciding the fault for the settlement of insurance coverage is a complicated process.

Deciding liability of the car accident

The number one area of dispute in case of a multi-vehicle car accident is deciding the liability of the accident. The second query will be, is there sufficient insurance coverage for covering all the sustained injuries or damages to the property? In a recent case in Florida, one of the car drivers was killed while four others were injured in a multi-vehicle car accident. The wreck was collected within seconds. The first car side swapped into the second car then struck a third vehicle head-on. After this, a fourth vehicle slammed into the third car’s rear.

In the case of car accidents such as these, it is tough to decide who was responsible for the accident and to what degree. There will be four drivers with different stories and eyewitnesses with their accounts of the crash. When the liability is not clear an experienced attorney can advise you about deciding who to bring up the claim against.

Facts of the case, deciding liability, and insurance cover

The fault of the car accident is proven by evidence. The process involves investigating the law enforcement reports, road conditions, witness testimonies, damage to the vehicles, skid marks at the accident scene, photographs, weather conditions, and other pertaining evidence. All this can point to the party that is liable and in the process can absolve yourself from the responsibility. The attorney that can investigate and produce the best evidence in the court usually wins the case.

These kinds of car accidents have a greater likelihood of a high insurance payout because of the extensive property/vehicle damage and severe body injuries to the passengers and drivers. Even when there is an unmistakable liability, the insurance coverage for the person responsible may turn out to be insufficient to cover the property damage caused or the sustained injuries.

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida

When you suffer from injuries due to a multi-vehicle car accident you may wish to scrutinize all the sources of compensation to make sure that you get adequate cover. There are many professional attorneys available in Tampa, Florida that will make sure that your legal rights are protected and presented aggressively. Professionals understand how insurance companies handle liability and multi-vehicle car accidents. They will know the steps needed for achieving the results you get.

If you have any queries regarding the liability in a multi-vehicle car accident in Tampa, Florida you can contact Rojas Law Group to arrange a free consultation. They have a team of experienced accident attorneys that will act quickly to protect you and develop a strong case in your favor. You can also find out about what your case is worth and ask other related questions.

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A motor vehicle accident with an emergency vehicle is an intimidating situation to face. Accidents between pedestrian vehicles are never good, but it is often easier to determine fault- and pursue compensation- in those situations. After being involved in an emergency vehicle accident, you may have a claim, but you may not know where you stand.

Significantly, emergency vehicles have many rights and privileges on the road. It’s always important to be mindful of your responsibilities as a driver when you encounter an emergency vehicle with its sirens on. If you are involved in an emergency vehicle accident, you may feel that you did everything correctly to avoid a collision, but you may doubt your right or ability to file a claim. Let’s break it down.

Your Obligations, According to Miami Law

Let’s say you were driving in the farthest left lane when you either heard an emergency vehicle behind you or spotted one in your rearview mirror. If you got over a lane to the left of the lane you were in when the emergency vehicle approached, then you did your duty as a driver. If you were unable to move a lane over, due to congestion or otherwise, and if you slowed your speed to 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed, or if the posted speed was less than twenty miles per hour and you brought your speed down to five miles per hour, then, again, you did what you were required by law to do. Once we’ve determined that you did everything as a driver that you were required to do, then we have to determine whether the emergency vehicle was responsible for your emergency vehicle accident.

This can be tricky, but let’s go through it together. The law grants emergency vehicles certain liberties when they’re in pursuit of a criminal, and when they’re traveling, with their sirens, to the scene of an emergency, however, they have a duty to ensure the safety of both the lives and property that belongs to drivers and pedestrians on the road. It’s possible that an emergency vehicle was the cause of your emergency vehicle accident. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pedestrians who are not involved in a police or emergency response action to suffer fatalities as a result of emergency vehicle accidents. On average, 90 pedestrians die each year from such collisions.

Do I Have a Claim?

If you were injured in an emergency vehicle accident, it can definitely be difficult and overwhelming to determine whether you have a claim. Often, we associate emergency responders, like ambulance technicians and firemen and firewomen, with people who are doing good things for society- therefore, they can only do good things, right? This idealistic way of looking at things misses the point. We’re all human, regardless of our profession. We make mistakes all the time.

Before you make a claim, meet with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney, determine whether you were following all traffic rules at the time of your accident, and, if you have a claim, make a claim. A consultation with a professional injury attorney will help you determine whether you have a case. It is very challenging to pursue personal injury claims against emergency responders, which is why you want to team up with a dedicated personal injury attorney to help you.

Rojas Law Group has the experience and resources you need to make a strong claim in court. They understand what qualifies you for compensation. They will help you file your claim, represent you in court and stand by you every step of the way.

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Many people think that their driveways are safe zones because the traffic in the area will be typically slow-moving. The movement in this area is either backing out the cars or pulling into the yard. But the reality is that the driveways may turn out to be quite dangerous. The driveway accidents take place at an alarming rate in Florida. What is even more tragic is that many of these accidents involve children. Children are at a higher risk to suffer significant or even fatal injuries. It is emotionally difficult to handle these claims and they are legally complicated as well.

How they occur

National Center for Biotechnology published information about the driveway accidents recently and according to them, the accidents resulting in injuries to children normally involve a child hit by a car, which is run by an adult, or a child shifting gears in an idle car. Another common form of driveway accidents is “backover accidents”. These occur when a car driver backs out the vehicle from a driveway and fails to notice the person standing behind the car. This type of accident usually involves children, as they are many times not able to appreciate the danger involved in a situation. They are also difficult for the diver to observe due to their smaller size. This problem is compounded for larger vehicles such as trucks, vans, and SUVs. 60% of the backover accidents are due to larger vehicles like these.

Liability of driveway accidents

Many driveway accidents cannot be avoided for the driver especially those involving a small child. The child many times darts out behind a car but sometimes the drivers fail to take due care by checking the mirrors. Rear backup sensors and cameras play a significant role in reducing driveway accidents. But they cannot assure safety so it is especially important for the drivers to look out for children. The person who is held accountable for the accident depends on the circumstances of the case.

Many times more than a single person is held accountable for the driveway accident and this will decide the compensation for the victim. When more than a single person is held responsible for an accident, each of the people will have to compensate the victim for his or her contribution to the accident.

Apart from the car driver, the homeowner and car manufacturer can also be held accountable for the accident. Most courts will not take into consideration the child’s actions the same way as they do for adults when they are making their decisions. This is because the children are not mature and do not have the experience however the car driver needs to know his responsibilities towards pedestrians and motorists.

Therefore if you or one of your children was involved in a driveway accident and you have queries regarding the various legal options you need to contact an experienced professional. For accidents in Tampa Florida, you may get in touch with the Rojas Law Group who are experienced in these matters and can advise you about your future actions.

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Similar to all crashes the truck accidents are caused by a range of factors and circumstances. When you or your loved ones are involved in a truck accident with a large commercial vehicle or truck there are various reasons for the accident. In a study conducted by FMCSA about the reasons for a truck accident, it was found that the truck drivers were the main reason for the accident. All commercial vehicle drivers should maintain road safety and handle their trucks accordingly. When it is breached, there is an accident.

Truck accident reasons assigned to the truck drivers

Here are some reasons recognized by FMCSA as the causative or critical to the road accidents and caused by truck drivers,

  • Poor performance: The truck driver panicked and overcompensated. Or he exercised low-quality directional control.
  • Non-performance: The driver fell asleep, was temporarily disabled with a seizure or heart attack, or was disabled for another reason.
  • Poor Recognition: The driver failed to observe the situation due to inside or outside factors.
  • Poor decision-making: The driver was driving too fast for the conditions and misjudged the speed of other cars and followed them too closely.

Common Causes behind Truck Accidents

The FMCSA along with NHTSA recognizes the fact that most motor vehicle accidents are caused by a complicated set of events and they involve two or more vehicles. They are also influenced by various elements such as the experience of the drivers and his training, truck design, truck manufacturing, adherence to the safety recommendations, and weather and road conditions. Here are some common reasons for truck accidents in Florida.

  • Unsafe lane changing.
  • Brakes or tire failure and other mechanical problems.
  • The flow of traffic.
  • Fatigue.
  • Over-the-counter and prescribed drug use.
  • Road-related problems.
  • Traveling too fast.
  • Unfamiliarity with the road.
  • Had to stop over before the crash (Due to crosswalk, traffic control devices).
  • Insufficient surveillance.

Government Efforts for Curbing the Truck Accidents

NTSB or the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended some additional safety measures for the trucks since the 1990s. These recommendations have been announced at least a dozen times. Specifically, the forward crash avoiding and mitigation systems have been recommended more than a dozen times. These systems are also referred to as advanced driver assistance systems. These are fundamentally technology alerts and also emergency takeover functionalities. They are increasingly offered on the feature lists of the new rigs. However, they are not made mandatory as yet.

The FDT or Florida Department of Transportation while attempting to tackle this problem developed a study for deciding whether the construction of additional car lanes is a viable option for improving safety on roads such as I-75. The related researchers felt that it was not a feasible option due to the impact it may have on the environment and some cultural places. All this leads to the fact that adopting the truck safety measures is important.

Costs Involved in Truck Accidents of Florida

Many trucking companies voluntarily have decided to make the truck accidents a priority. They are anticipating regulations being forced into place eventually and there is another reason. The truck accidents in Florida can be expensive for them as well. Among the various costs incurred by the carriers in truck accidents, some include,

  • Property damage costs to the rig.
  • Worker’s compensation paid to the truckers injured in the incident.
  • Costs due to loss of cargo owned by the shippers. Carriers many times insure this.
  • Insurance settlement or verdicts coming from wrongful deaths or personal injury lawsuits.

The truck accidents in Florida have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries with heavy losses leading up to six figures. Many times even these amounts are not enough to cover for the losses. For any consultation about the case, you can contact Rojas Law Group who will work to get fair compensation for all the wrongful injuries and deaths.

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