Riding A Motorcycle Is So Much Fun In Florida

Riding A Motorcycle Is So Much Fun In Florida

Riding a motorcycle is so much fun and especially in Florida’s great weather. You can move in and out of traffic easier than you can in a car, the wind is in your hair, you feel free and almost invincible because motorcycles are so quick to respond. I know this because I used to ride a motorcycle.

But it’s a fact that Florida leads the nation in motorcycle fatalities. Motorcyclists account for 19% of the state’s traffic fatalities. And even if the cyclist is not killed, the injuries can be devastating. A cyclist can use all the skill and caution in the world but if a driver decides to make a left turn into the side of your bike, there is very little you can do.

Take precautions by making sure that your headlights are working and wear a helmet, bright clothes and protective gear whenever you can.

If you do have a motorcycle accident, I understand the devastating loss you are experiencing and am available 24/7. I really do care about my clients and will visit you in the hospital or home without any obligation.

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