Back to School Driving Tips in Florida during Coronavirus Pandemic

Back to School Driving Tips in Florida during Coronavirus Pandemic

The morning commute to the school or the back to school routine can be hectic. More number of car accidents in Florida occur during this morning school driving commute period thanks mainly to a combination of fatigue, distraction, rushing, and the chaos in general during the morning times. This year the back-to-school driving has become even riskier due to the advent of the coronavirus.

Reasons for the risks

1. You may have to drive with several children: A lot of parents are trying to avoid school buses these days and are reverting to carpooling as it decreases the risk of the spread of coronavirus in their children. However, this may cause you to drive several children to their respective schools and having to drop them at multiple locations.

2. Distractions: Everyday life has become difficult during the coronavirus pandemic and it is pretty normal to feel distracted. A lot of people will be worried about their finances, work, health, the latest health adversary, and the general state of the world. Unfortunately, this distraction is closely linked with car accidents across the state of Florida.

3. Having to monitor the symptoms: Apart from everything else you have to take care of in the morning such as getting breakfast for everyone, checking their homework, getting them to the door, you might also be required to monitor symptoms such as their temperatures. It adds more pressure on the available time to you during the day and can make you feel rushed. This can also lead to speeding and that is associated closely with car accidents.

4. Existence of challenges: Apart from the stress and the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic there is the usual pressure of the morning commute that you have to face. Fatigue, traffic congestion, and other pressures involved in the early morning drives is a major factor contributing to car accidents.

Is it possible to have a safe morning school driving commute?

Despite all these problems it is still possible to make your morning commute that bit safer. You may try to streamline the morning routine by making sure that you are out of the house door at a reasonable time. You may plan the route you will take to avoid congestion and traffic. You can also try and make arrangements with other parents so that you are not required to drive yourself in the morning every day. By exercising a bit more care and caution, the drivers and pedestrians can safely co-exist on the roads and especially in the school zones.

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