Car Accidents In Florida Due To Distracted Driving

Car Accidents In Florida Due To Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has gradually become one of the more common issues during the last few years especially in the case of driver safety and car accidents. Although distracted driving is not a fresh concept there is a common problem with it. Texting while driving the vehicle has led to many car accidents and has caused the issue to be raised in almost all legislative assemblies in the country including in the state of Florida. Due to the several straight roads in the state, the drivers in Florida tend to take car driving for granted and try to do multitasking while driving. This leads to increased car accidents on the state roads.

About distracted driving

Distracted driving happens when a car driver takes his eyes off the road for some reason and takes his hands away from the steering wheel. Several actions lead to distraction but the number one cause in Florida is mobile phone use. It is the main reason for distraction especially among the age group between 16 to 24 years olds. However, youngsters are not the only ones susceptible to distractions. Adults and teens alike can get distracted by mobile phones. Other kinds of distractions include looking back in the car while driving to check with the kids or pets or talk to the passengers sitting in the back seat. Others get distracted while changing the radio station on the can or while checking the GPS.

Types of distractions

Here are the most common kinds of distractions.

Cognitive distractions

One of the basic problems specific to distracted driving is delayed response time to the various situations on the road especially while driving at high speeds. Any action that can take the diver’s mind off the task of driving safely on the road leads to cognitive decision-making skills. Some of these include worrying about different stresses while driving. For cutting down on car accidents due to mobile phone usage, many states have enforced laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving a car. Just the hand-free units are permitted. But some people are still distracted just by the talk on the cell phone. Just listening to the radio while driving may also lead to car accidents however, other major sources for distraction are loud passengers, or other passengers viewing videos.

Visual distractions

Any occurrence that requires the car driver to look away from the road can lead to a car accident. Although mobile devices are on top of the list, having to discipline irate children while driving a car may also lead to a car accident. Constant tinkering with the GPS device is another reason for visual distraction. Eating food and drinking can also lead to the driver taking his eyes off the road especially if something is spilled or dropped such as hot coffee.

Manual distractions

A driver must have both hands on the steering wheel at all times and both eyes on the road. When radios were installed in cars there was a major controversy over the safety of the installation because drivers have to reach down for adjusting the different settings while driving the car. These days even seemingly harmless actions such as hands-free cell phone use can lead to car accidents. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate on roads and keep in control of your car at all times on the highways.

Distracted driving is treated as negligence by the law especially when there is a serious injury during the car accident. The distracted driving car accidents can get tough as the parties involved try to recover through damages. You need to consult a car accident attorney expert in handling such cases. For car accidents in Tampa, FL area you can get in touch with Rojas Law Group for a free consultation.

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