Coronavirus Pandemic And Dealing With Car Accidents

Coronavirus Pandemic And Dealing With Car Accidents

The fast advent of coronavirus throughout the world has affected all aspects of our lives in recent times. Every day we are looking at new cases, restrictions, and concerns about the pandemic. Several states in the U.S. have enforced a lockdown and have asked their residents to stay at home except for the trips outside for essentials. Another thought creeping up in the minds of people is how the coronavirus crisis will impact the biggest reason for fatalities in the U.S, car accidents. Here are some important points regarding car accidents that will get affected by the coronavirus situation.

1. Medical Care after the car accident: Several medical service providers in the state are currently focused on coronavirus and therefore the non-essential treatments and surgeries will get affected. In addition to that several people are expressing reluctance to visit the hospitals due to the fear of catching coronavirus. But if you have sustained an injury in a car accident you will need fast medical attention. If you attempt to avoid the treatment these injuries can turn into serious ones. The hospitals all over the country are taking measures to make sure that everyone suspected of a coronavirus infection is isolated immediately and not relegated to the hospital waiting rooms at any stage. However, in the end, you need to do what is safest for you. Either stay home in case it is a bearable and minor injury or seek treatment if necessary.

2. Is it possible to file a personal injury case? Access to the courts is restricted in most parts of the country. Some courts are asking the motions to be filed online. The hearings are held remotely by using technical solutions such as videoconferencing or telephone. Many states have either suspended or tolled the statute of limitations for new suits. The car accident victims must consult a lawyer quickly after the incident in order to get help for navigating through the difficult court systems at the time of coronavirus crisis. The situation is constantly evolving though.

3. More financial pressure: In case you’re working hours are reduced because the coronavirus pandemic has affected the business, the expenses involved in the car accident can be tough to handle. You must be wondering how you can pay for car repair, rentals, medicine bills, and other costs involved. Even those expenses you were easily able to cover earlier will seem daunting. This can have a long term and detrimental effect on your finances. If your insurance company is not willing to pay fairly for the cover things can get difficult.

4. Will the ambulance and police respond to the car accident? It is critical that police officers arrive at the accident scene quickly so that they can ensure that those involved in the car accident get proper attention. They also have to evaluate the car crash and develop the police report. Due to a host of coronavirus cases pouring in the emergency responders are getting overwhelmed. It is likely that the situation may get worse before it improves. It is a legitimate concern that you may not have an ambulance or a police officer on the scene of the crash in case there are no injuries.

If there is a delay in the creation of a police report because the officers are unwilling to arrive at the crash scene you may want to consult a car accident lawyer immediately. A police report is crucial for the personal injury case later on. For any car accidents in the Tampa, FL region you can contact the Rojas Law Group who will provide a free consultation. They can also help with a possible claim.

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