Errors Leading To Truck Accidents

Errors Leading To Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are caused due to human errors or vehicle malfunctions. Aggressive driving and bad weather conditions also result in accidents but truck driver error is considered as the major cause of a truck accident.

A victim due to a truck accident should investigate the driver’s conduct and the trucking company. It might be possible that a trucking company allowed impaired or incompetent drivers or might not be following the maximum hour rules.

‍Truck Accidents Causes

Use of Drug

Many truckers use drugs to stimulate themselves to stay awake. A study showed that truck drivers intake cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines while driving. Consumption of drugs keeps them awake but urges them for rash driving. Drivers fall asleep as soon as these stimulants begin to wear off.

For safe navigation on the road, it is necessary to have quick reaction times, motor coordination, and problem-solving ability. However, drug consumption fades the abilities leading to accidents. Big trucks occupy more space and need more time for action than smaller ones. Thus, it becomes difficult to avoid truck accidents with the lingering effects of drugs.


Truck drivers sometimes drive under the pressure of meeting deadlines of customers and employers. However, traffic jams, bad weather conditions, and other factors cause a delay. When drivers are paid by the mile, they choose to speed up the vehicle to cover the distance and make up the lost time. This is dangerous and increases accident risk.

Distracted Driving

Driver distracts from driving due to several reasons like personal grooming, using a cell phone or other gadget, looking for a way on the map, or eating. All these distractions may lead to a truck accident.


Truck drivers may fall asleep due to fatigue. In this condition, they are inattentive and even ignore the signs indicating road conditions and other dangers. Sometimes they panic or overreact to a situation. Fatigue is one of the most preventable yet common causes of accidents. Extended hours of service cause fatigue and this is one of the major causes of road accidents. It is necessary to have a time limit for driving.

Weather Conditions

Due to bad weather conditions like snow, ice or rain the road becomes slippery. In this condition, truck drivers have to reduce their speed to slow down easily or stop when required. Otherwise, the vehicle loses traction with the road and a truck accident may occur.

No maintenance

Most truck drivers do not keep their vehicles updated. This is because big trucks are mostly owned by companies and drivers are appointed to drive the truck. It is a driver’s responsibility to report the problem and take care of the truck maintenance. Truck drivers do not take this task seriously and ignore problems. All this leads to accidents.

Careless Driving

Driving carelessly and aggressively is extremely dangerous. Aggressive drivers cannot stop suddenly increasing the risks. The careless behavior of one person creates an unsafe environment for others on the road. Sometimes due to road rage, truck drivers deliberately cause accidents.

Road Dangers

Narrowed, closed, or shifted lanes also cause accidents because at these zones traffic suddenly stops or slows. It creates confusion and leads to accidents.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, getting medical assistance is a priority. After that, you need to cover the costs as the bills arrive. This is when you need legal assistance to handle the trucking companies. Rojas Law Group in Tampa, FL, will help you out to get closer to financial and physical recovery.

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