Reasons For Bicycle Accidents In Florida

Reasons For Bicycle Accidents In Florida

The bicyclists are encouraged to wear helmets while riding in Florida and take additional care while riding close to the cars. They should try and stay visible by using reflective and bright clothing. Although these practices will help the cyclists to reduce the risk of bicycle accidents the fact remains that they are at the mercy of cars around them. During bicycle accidents, the cyclist often suffers major injuries due to the inability of the car driver to share the road. The car driver might be traveling too fast to stop in time and prevent the accident or he just might not be paying attention. Here are the most common reasons for bicycle accidents in Florida.

Rear-end collisions: Rear ending is one of the most common reasons for a car and bicycle accident. The biker might collide directly with the back wheel or get struck on the rear end of the bike forcing the rider in the opposite lane or off the road. These kinds of accidents occur during nights typically when the cyclists are not using rear reflectors and often involve car drives who are under the influence.

Pull out accidents: These kinds of bicycle accidents occur when a car driver backs out from a driveway or when he moves forward from side streets without looking out for the oncoming bicycle or pedestrian traffic. A vehicle suddenly appearing from an alley or a parking space doesn’t allow the biker any time to avoid the accident. Some obstructions on the side of the roads such as poles, bushes, and building s make it difficult for the car drivers to see the bicyclist in time.

Dooring: This kind of bicycle accident occurs when a person sitting in a parked car opens his car door in front of the rider. This forces the rider to stop or swerve into the opposing traffic. He or she might even collide with the occupant of the car. These accidents are generally the fault of the car occupant who must check his mirrors before opening the car doors or exiting in the lane.

Left turn accident: This is also called a left cross and it occurs when the car traveling in the opposite direction takes a left turn in front of a bicyclist. He might hit the biker on the sides and force him to be launched into the street or might even run over the biker. When the car driver pulls out ahead of the biker the biker might collide with the side of the car.

Right hook: Any car driver traveling next to a biker might fail to see the cyclist before he makes a right turn and in the process may cut off the rider’s path. Sometimes the car drivers speed up to overtake the bikers and attempt to make the turn fast right in front of him. He may misjudge the time required to execute this turn. In this case, the biker will ram into the car side or get hit head-on as the car driver makes the turn.

Car accidents are a daily occurrence on the Florida roads. However, people struck while riding a bike are less likely to walk away from the scene of the accident than the car driver. The bikers suffer severe injuries many times due to the incapability of the driver to share the road. Keep in mind that the car drivers must follow the road rules and respect the right of ways for all vehicles including bikes. If you were involved in a bicycle-car accident where the car driver failed to observe the road rules you can seek advice from professionals such as the Rojas Law Group in Tampa, FL region for compensation.

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