Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Car Accidents On The 4th Of July

Safe Driving Tips To Avoid Car Accidents On The 4th Of July

The first week of July is normally one of the busiest travel periods in America as many people in the US use this holiday for taking vacation trips. However, this is also one of the most fatal periods. When you mention the 4th of July it inspires the images of parades, fireworks, barbecues, concerts, picnics, and red/white/and blue but no one mentions safe driving. Many people died or got badly injured last year alone in this period. Thousands of people were charged for speeding and DUI. Here are some safe driving tips to avoid car accidents during the 4th of July vacations.

1. Avoid drinking and driving: All 50 states of America have laws that define driving while intoxicated as a crime if the BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration is above a specific level. It is around 1% for most states and various percentiles are used for different drinks such as beer, wine, etc. Consuming alcohol can slow down your reaction time and it also impairs your judgment and coordination. All these skills are necessary to drive a car safely. More than the consumption of alcohol by the driver higher is the impairment. When you are drunk do not drive or make friends with a designated driver that doesn’t imbibe. The 4-day weekend is not a pass for drinking and driving automatically.

2. Stay within the speed limits: Permit yourself a lot of time for reaching the destination. It is almost certain that you will be required to share the road with hundreds of other cars. There is also the likelihood of road construction, rain, and summer storms at the time. Therefore get used to observing the speed limits and keep in mind that you are not in a race. Speeding is not going to win anything for you but is only likely to get you into trouble.

3. Keep the distraction out: While driving the car avoid talking on the cell phone. Never try to text anything while driving the car as both these things need concentration. Be sure to program the GPS before setting off on the trip and not while driving the car. Ask the fellow travelers to change the CDs while the car is running. Apply makeup or comb the hair after arriving at the destination and not while driving. Do not handle or eat food items while driving the car. There is always the possibility that other vehicles are getting inside the lane, slowing down, or turning. These distractions can reduce the chances of driving defensively when required. A couple of seconds of distraction can cost you your life and the life of the others.

4. Buckle up: Remember, the seat belts are responsible for saving lives in most car accidents. According to the CDC, seat belts decrease serious injuries during car accidents and they are responsible for saving deaths by 50%. People living in rural areas are less likely to wear seat belts than compared to people living in urban areas. You must also secure the children and infants properly in the car seats and the booster seats.

5. Use caution on the rural roads: According to NHTSA or National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more car accidents are occurring on the rural roads than the urban ones. Therefore you need to be more cautious while driving in the rural area.

If you do get involved in a car accident on the 4th of July this year especially in the Tampa, FL area, you can get in touch with the Rojas Law Group. They will consider the details of the car accident and will help you in deciding the best way to move forward. You might be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and more things. Get in touch with them immediately after the car accident for the evaluation of the case.

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