The 5 Things You Should Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Follow These 5 Steps Motorcycle Accident Guide

Motorcycles are an incredible way to experience life on two wheels. This is especially true for enthusiasts who want the thrill, sense of freedom, and exhilaration that only comes with riding a motorcycle behind the scenes through beautiful scenery or at high speeds where you can feel every bump in your path. But they should never be taken for granted. In the span of just one year, 5 thousand motorcyclists were killed in crashes. In fact – and this is sobering- they’re nearly 29 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die a violent death. Another 84 000+ people were injured as well due to these accidents too.

If you’re ever in a motorcycle accident, don’t be surprised to find yourself at the hospital bed for some time. During that wait, your medical bills are sure to start stacking up, and it might become even more difficult without work while healing from injuries sustained during an unfortunate event like this one.

After an accident, don’t allow the stress of covering your losses to impact how you heal. Instead, follow these five steps to help get compensation evidence and make sure no one steals from what’s rightfully yours.

#1. Move to Safety

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to remain calm and take care of your safety.

Before you move a motorcycle, the first thing to do is to check the bike is not leaking gasoline or on fire and get away from it. If avoidable, call for help and let professionals handle the task of moving your bike instead.

In the meantime, move to a safer location and avoid any traffic that might be headed your way. If you’re injured, try not to move any more than necessary and stay close by for help if there are other drivers involved in the crash as well. Please make sure you take other drivers’ contact information; you will need it in the future. Wait for the police officials as they will take your statement and provide you with a copy of the report.

If you sustained serious injuries, call for medical help while on the scene of your crash. Only a professional can assess your health and so that your safety is not jeopardized.

#2. Call the Police

Once you’re in a safe area, call the police.

You may be legally obligated to file a police report after traffic accidents, and you should remain at the site until authorities arrive. Otherwise, it could lead to charges of hit-and-run or fleeing from accident scenes in some cases.

You may want to avoid small talk while waiting for the police. You should also try not to apologize because, in some situations, an apology can be viewed as guilt-ridden.

When the police arrive, remain calm and cooperative. Try not to point fingers at anyone else for what happened in an attempt to blame them since you were involved as well. Avoid admitting fault or saying that your actions led up to this incident by only giving a brief statement.

#3. Gather Evidence of the Motorcycle Accident

While you wait for the police to arrive, take a moment to collect any evidence. First, speak with other drivers who were involved in this crash and try to collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle information
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license information

You should also gather physical evidence to support your claims. Please take photos of where the crash took place, get images from every vehicle involved in it at different angles, and be sure you have close-up shots as well so there’s no question about what happened.

Also, please speak with the other personnel present on the site and get their contact information; having witnesses can make your case strong.

It may be possible that may not remember every detail; hence to avoid note what you can remember on your phone and then pass on this information to your motorcycle accident lawyer. It will be valuable in building your case.

#4. Visit a Doctor

Once you are done with the legal activities, visit a doctor. 

Keeping a medical journal is very important for your injury recovery. Make sure to document everything from doctor’s visits, treatment plans, and medications prescribed by them. Your doctor may recommend you see specialists, like a chiropractor or pain specialist. It’s important to follow their directions when it comes to treatment- they know what’s best for your needs.

Missing appointments or not following their treatment plan could hurt your case, indicating to insurers that you were faking it and the condition isn’t too bad.

#5. Make the Right Calls

After a motorcycle accident, you must make some important calls.

First, contact a doctor to make sure everything is ok with your health, then contact a motorcycle accident attorney who is experienced in this type of case like Rojas Law Group.

They have more than 30 years of experience handling this type of case and have helped several clients with justice.

Contacting your insurance company is a must after being in the unfortunate situation that you were recently involved with motorcycles. Your provider will let you know what steps need to be taken and how best to proceed, but make sure not to speak to them until an attorney has been consulted as well as given instructions on where things should go from here.

Attorney Rojas and her staff understand how an auto crash or other injury can turn your life upside down. They always go above and beyond to do everything possible to eliminate your stress. They will review your case at absolutely no cost and will not charge unless you get what is rightfully yours.

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