Visiting A Doctor After A Car Accident

Visiting A Doctor After A Car Accident

A significant number of car accidents incur injuries that are apparent and can be severe. If there are broken bones involved in the accident or spinal cord damage, a skull fracture, or if there are other kinds of bodily harm it is a good idea to visit a nearby hospital immediately. In many cases, the ambulances are called to the scene of the accident to make sure that the victims of the car accident receive immediate medical treatment.

Slow onset of injuries

Sometimes the injuries sustained during the car accident take a longer period to manifest. Some people walk away from the scene of the crash relatively pain-free only to find out later that there is something wrong with their health. There are many reasons for the slow onset of injuries. The car accident can be a traumatic event and the body responds to the event by flooding your body with endorphins and adrenaline. This provides an energy boost to the body and stops you from feeling the pain. As a result, you might assume that you have not received any injuries during the accident.

Visit the doctor anyway

It is always a good idea to visit the doctor after you have been in a car accident even when there is no pain involved. The doctor can monitor you for the signs of possible injuries and can tell you about the things you have to watch out for in the upcoming days. Although your health should be the first concern, it is significant to reach medical care if you are likely to be involved in a lawsuit. Delay in getting medical care is something the other car driver can use against you.

Maintain the records

Maintaining the records of the medical treatment you took proves that you immediately sought medical treatment. It improves your chances in case of a claim. Document all the care you were forced to undertake after the car accident. This includes the referrals made by the doctors to the physical therapists and other specialists. Also, maintain the prescriptions provided by the doctor for your treatment.

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