Why Texting And Driving Are Now Illegal

Why Texting And Driving Are Now Illegal

Whenever the police are out and about while doing their job, they’re on the lookout for anyone who may be breaking the law. Recently, they’ve started looking out for something new that’s now against the law – texting and driving.

Introducing the new law to Florida’s Drivers

According to Trooper Ken Watson, most people have wanted to see a law against texting and driving. As such, most people are glad to see that it’s now gone into effect and are doing their best to not break this law. Obviously, this is something that makes law officers happy. Trooper Watson hopes that this will be the new norm and that people are ready and willing to put their phones down while they’re driving.

Why Florida has Enacted This new Law

In May 2019 Florida’s Governor Ron De Santis signed into law a bill that made it illegal for anyone to text while they are driving. This same bill also makes it illegal for drivers to use their phone in an active school or work zone. However, the governor chose to give drivers a grace period that lasted until July 2019 before they started actively handing out tickets for offenses. During the grace period warnings were only being given. Now however, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, there have been a total of 1,220 tickets handed out in the past 5 months.

Since Florida law officials started paying attention to the number of people who were texting and driving, they admit to having seen a problem: There have been numerous rear-end collisions and cases of people who violated the right of way. These accidents aren’t only happening in Florida, law enforcement agents throughout the country admit that they’ve seen problems too. Such problems are bound to occur when someone is looking at their phone’s screen instead of looking out their window while they’re driving.

The Future of the Law

It’s relatively easy for a law enforcement agent to know when someone is breaking this law because they’ll be looking down at their lap where their cell phone is lying instead of looking out the window. Obviously, this is dangerous because when you’re looking down at your phone you don’t have any situational awareness even though you’re still driving your vehicle. According to Trooper Watson, it’s important to educate drivers of this danger since many of today’s younger drivers are accustomed to always having a cell phone in their hands. When they’re driving it’s critical for them to understand the importance of putting their phones down so they can truly focus on the road. Doing the right thing here doesn’t only mean you won’t get a ticket, but it also means that you may save someone’s life – maybe even your own.


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