Truck Accidents: Insurance, Compensation, Laws, and Lawyers

Truck Accidents: Insurance, Compensation, Laws, and Lawyers

Truck accidents are usually gory sights and can make anyone unsettled and overwhelmed. These accidents generally incur significant damage to property and grave physical injuries. The collision of heavy vehicles is usually followed by a long procedure of proving the guilty party and hence the saga of claiming or payout of insurance. By employing a competent lawyer who is well versed in the system’s workings, you can ensure that you get a fair share of the compensation entitled to you and not get caught in the drill of the compensation procedure alone.  

What are the Laws and Regulations to be Followed by Truck Companies:

Truck companies must follow a strict rule of conduct for all their fleet and drivers as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prescribes. Neglecting to do so can have a lot of repercussions, especially during an accident, as the truck company can be held responsible and liable for an accident. An experienced lawyer possesses thorough knowledge of these regulations, which is an important factor in determining whether and to what extent compensation will be received.

The following are examples of federal trucking laws:

⦁ Required truck driver qualifications

⦁ Hiring and training procedures

⦁ Driver hours-of-service restrictions

⦁ Cargo loading, balancing, and securement rules

⦁ Hazardous materials rules

⦁ Truck weight, height, and length restrictions

⦁ Truck inspection and maintenance requirements

⦁ Truck equipment requirements

⦁ Rules for driver drug and alcohol testing

Liability in a Truck Accident: Extent of compensation that can be received.

Accidents, in general, cause a lot of damage in the form of property damage, physical injuries, and mental trauma. A victim of a truck accident can claim compensation for:

  •  Present and future medical expenses
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Medications
  • Disability costs and accommodations
  • Lost wages and capacity to earn

⦁ Vehicle repair or replacement

⦁ Physical pain and emotional distress

⦁ Post-traumatic stress disorder

⦁ Lost quality of life

⦁ Loss of consortium

⦁ Wrongful death damages

No monetary limit is set for compensation for physical injuries and mental trauma. However, there has to be lawful proof that the injured were not responsible for the accident for any compensation to be received. A good lawyer ensures that your case is represented lawfully and correctly to maximize your compensation receivable. 

Nature of Injuries:

The sheer size of trucks and trailers translates into smaller cars and their occupants getting severely damaged and injured in an accident involving heavy vehicles. The injuries sustained in truck accidents can also be catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are those which, once inflicted, change the course of your living and remain with the injured forever. Usually, brain and spinal cord injuries are catastrophic. The following is a list of a few injuries that entitle financial compensation.

⦁ Amputations

⦁ Back and spine injuries

⦁ Bone fractures

⦁ Concussions and bruising

⦁ Crush injuries

⦁ Dislocations

⦁ Lacerations

⦁ Organ damage and internal injuries

⦁ Paralysis

⦁ Permanent scarring and disfigurement

⦁ Severe burns

⦁ Soft-tissue injuries

⦁ Traumatic brain injuries

⦁ Whiplash

⦁ Wrongful death

Types of Accidents:

There are a few descriptions that depict the type of accidents. The type of collision can determine the cause of the accident and the faulty party. A good personal and accident lawyer can interpret the type of collision and derive educated and accurate conclusions. A few of the types of accidents are mentioned below:

⦁ Rollovers

⦁ Jackknifes

⦁ Head-on collisions

⦁ Rear-end collisions

⦁ Override and underride accidents

⦁ Side-impact accidents

⦁ Blind-spot accidents

⦁ Wide-turn accidents

⦁ Tire blowouts

⦁ Lost loads


⦁ Mechanical failure

⦁ Inadequate maintenance

⦁ Drowsy driving

⦁ Delivery Truck accidents

⦁ Commercial truck accidents

⦁ Water truck accidents

⦁ Logging trucks

Role of Insurance Claim Adjusters:

The insurance claim adjusters represent insurance companies who specialize in reducing the payout. Their main objective is to limit the compensation paid to the victim. They use all and every method to nullify your claim. Claim adjusters need to be handled extremely carefully. Else you risk being compensated inadequately for your grievances. An experienced lawyer will ensure those claim adjusters are dealt with expertly and that the victim receives their fair and full compensation in an accident. 

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