Car accidents are one of the leading reasons for deaths among teenagers in the US. However, teenage car crashes can be prevented and there are proven strategies available that can prove the safety of these young drivers on the roads. The risk of injuries sustained during car crashes is higher in the case of teenagers aged between 16 and 19 than compared to other age groups. As a matter of fact per mile on the road, the teenage drivers belonging to this age group are 3 times more likely to get involved in fatal crashes than those aged more than 20. The teenagers more at risk of sustaining injuries are males, teenage drivers riding with other teenage passengers, and newly licensed drivers.

Factors putting the teenage drivers at risk on the roads

1. Inexperience: Teenage drivers are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations while driving than older drivers. They are also susceptible to erroneous decisions than compared to the adults leading to serious car crashes.

2. Speeding: Teenage drivers are more likely to speed their motor vehicle than compared to older drivers. They are many times also guilty of allowing shorter headways (this is the distance between the fronts of one car to the front of the one ahead.)

3. Using seat belts: Compared to other age groups these young adults use the seat belts less often. It was found in a survey that in the year 2017 just 58% of the high school students made sure that they were always wearing seat belts while riding as passengers. Out of the drivers between the age group 15 to 20 that died in car accidents in 2017, half were unrestrained at the time of the car accident and they were aware that the restraint was required.

4. Drunk driving: Although the young drivers have a lower rate of accidents than their older generation in terms of drunk driving, they are less likely to appreciate the need to consume less alcohol if any car driving is expected later. This holds true even when they are staying within the legal speed limits for the road. If the teenage driver has been a part of underage drinking he or she is at the risk of getting their driving license revoked.

5. Number of passengers in the car: The passengers riding in a car are a risk to the teenagers as surveys have indicated that the more the passengers in the car, the greater the risk of car accidents for the teenagers. If you are a teenager you are facing additional risk at these times due to the fact that other members in the enclosed spaces of a car can transmit coronavirus. Try to limit the number of passengers the teenager can carry in his car so that he can concentrate more on the road.

6. Distracted car driving: The distractions arrive in various forms. They can occur due to cell phones, dashboards, and other passengers of the vehicle. Encourage the teenage drivers to maintain their hands on the steering wheel at all times, eyes focused on the road, and their mind on driving the car. Discuss with them the various ways in which distractions occur while driving a car and help them in finding their own solutions for overcoming these distractions.

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The morning commute to the school or the back to school routine can be hectic. More number of car accidents in Florida occur during this morning school driving commute period thanks mainly to a combination of fatigue, distraction, rushing, and the chaos in general during the morning times. This year the back-to-school driving has become even riskier due to the advent of the coronavirus.

Reasons for the risks

1. You may have to drive with several children: A lot of parents are trying to avoid school buses these days and are reverting to carpooling as it decreases the risk of the spread of coronavirus in their children. However, this may cause you to drive several children to their respective schools and having to drop them at multiple locations.

2. Distractions: Everyday life has become difficult during the coronavirus pandemic and it is pretty normal to feel distracted. A lot of people will be worried about their finances, work, health, the latest health adversary, and the general state of the world. Unfortunately, this distraction is closely linked with car accidents across the state of Florida.

3. Having to monitor the symptoms: Apart from everything else you have to take care of in the morning such as getting breakfast for everyone, checking their homework, getting them to the door, you might also be required to monitor symptoms such as their temperatures. It adds more pressure on the available time to you during the day and can make you feel rushed. This can also lead to speeding and that is associated closely with car accidents.

4. Existence of challenges: Apart from the stress and the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic there is the usual pressure of the morning commute that you have to face. Fatigue, traffic congestion, and other pressures involved in the early morning drives is a major factor contributing to car accidents.

Is it possible to have a safe morning school driving commute?

Despite all these problems it is still possible to make your morning commute that bit safer. You may try to streamline the morning routine by making sure that you are out of the house door at a reasonable time. You may plan the route you will take to avoid congestion and traffic. You can also try and make arrangements with other parents so that you are not required to drive yourself in the morning every day. By exercising a bit more care and caution, the drivers and pedestrians can safely co-exist on the roads and especially in the school zones.

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Morning commutes have always been hectic, but during the pandemic, they’ve become even more complicated. When everyone was working from home, it wasn’t as bad, but now that offices and schools are reopening, the chaos has returned with a vengeance. Accidents are common during the morning commute hours, so it’s no surprise we’ve been hit with a recent spike. In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why chaotic mornings cause more car accidents, as well as what to do if you are in one.

So Many Moving Pieces

Not only are you trying to get your family out the door early in the morning, but so is everyone else. Children have school, parents have work, everyone has somewhere important to be. More cars on the road are bound to lead to more accidents. With the coronavirus pandemic, more parents are driving their kids to school instead of having them take the bus which leads to even more congestion than before. In addition, to more school driving, morning routines now have to start earlier and include more steps. Temperatures and other symptoms have to be checked, and school driving may include multiple schools for different aged children.

Fatigue and Distractions

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the biggest causes of car accidents is distracted driving, closely followed by fatigue. With many families having to start their day earlier, fatigue is even more important to pay attention to than before the pandemic. Make sure you’re paying attention to how much sleep you’re getting and try to find a steady school driving routine that works for your family so that the morning feels less hectic.

All the extra steps in post-pandemic morning commutes can also lead to more distractions. Especially if you’re family is a bit disorganized, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Finding a consistent routine is key to keeping things running smoothly.

Steps to Stay Safe

The last thing you want to be in the morning is panicked. Planning out the steps of your morning routine in advance can help reduce this feeling. If possible, have parents alternate taking the kids to school so that everyone feels less overwhelmed. There are some risks of the road that are out of your control, but getting enough sleep, and having a step-by-step morning and school driving plan for your family can go a long way to reducing your likelihood of causing a car accident.

What to do if You are in a Car Accident

Even with the best planning, sometimes accidents do happen. It’s important to have a plan in place in case one that wasn’t your fault happens. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident caused by another party’s negligence in Tampa, you can visit Rojas Law Group for a free case review. There’s no fee unless you win your case, and each and every case is given personal attention, so you have the best chance of winning. Call (813)-879-2223 or visit their website to find out more. A car accident can be a serious thing, and no one should be left alone to deal with one.

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As the summer of 2020 hits the U.S., and weather begins to warm up, with many countries getting involved in the process of re-opening, people will be wondering whether it is safe traveling. Although the number of people passing through the airport checkpoints is on the rise, scientists maintain that it is prudent to be cautious to avoid the spread of coronavirus. When you are traveling you are raising the risk of contracting new infections such as coronavirus anyway.

Considerations for traveling

Going on a vacation is no doubt a positive way of improving your health and wellbeing. But during the coronavirus pandemic traveling can be challenging. Here are some considerations for traveling.

Where are you traveling: If you are traveling you are likely to visit shared places such as hotels, restaurants, and public restrooms that increase the chances of exposure to coronavirus? Although the rate of rising infections is lesser in some areas such as LA there is the danger of being exposed to the common public and the risk is present. When you are traveling from LA to a place where there are a lot of coronavirus cases there is a greater risk.

Mode of transportation: All modes of travel are not risky. Traveling by air is riskier at the moment than compared to using an RV across the country. This is because many people from several areas are moving through the airport which is a central location. Therefore the large city airports are hot zones for contracting the coronavirus. However, there is not much risk of infection while sitting in the plane as the support staff will be observing regulations against the spread of the virus.

Where you will stay: Of course, you are less likely to contract a virus if you are camping in the woods than staying in busy hotel rooms. However, most hotels are implementing the risk-reduction protocol like asking the staff and guests to wear a mask in public places. They are also shutting down the common areas and asking everyone to use cleaning rooms between guests. However, the better idea is to opt for lodges where there are fewer people around and the risk is minimal.

What you will do: If you are involved in activities that are placing you within six feet of someone you are not traveling with, it is risky. You can do several things while traveling that will allow you to maintain a safe distance from others. Whether you are camping, hiking, or dining out you need to follow safety protocols that will require you to maintain sufficient distance from others. There is a greater risk involved in places such as concerts, museums, and other public events. It is crucial that you wear masks although it does not eliminate the risk of infection.

Staying safe while traveling

Before you move out of your city, ensure that you have checked the local and state travel restrictions. Also, perform some research to learn about the coronavirus spreading in your town or at the place where you are traveling to. Some states have regulations that require visitors from out-of-state to self-quarantine for a certain period. Keep in mind that COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and taking measures to protect yourself from it makes more sense.

It doesn’t matter how you are traveling, you need to stay safe according to the local safety guidelines and some additional precautions will do no harm. However, car accidents can occur during this period due to mechanical failures and collisions. In case you are involved in a car accident or while traveling in any other kind of mass transit conveyance, contact the Rojas Law Group in the Tampa, FL area for a free consultation.

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The coronavirus crisis has made a significant and ubiquitous impact on our lives. Due to the pandemic, many events and services are getting canceled across the nation. Many people are wondering how the lockdown will affect the car accident claims in Tampa going into the future. There is a lot of contradictory information being shared by government officials and news sources. Therefore, it is no surprise that several Americans are feeling conflicted and confused about life during the pandemic and after it. As far as car accident claims are concerned you need to talk to a car accident attorney.

Court Closure

From March, the courthouses in Florida have been restricting access and placing limitations on the hearings carried out in person. They have completely closed the doors for the general public until further notice. Every county will take their own decision about the particular efforts needed by the courts to counter the threat of COVID-19 exposure. The in-person hearings are expected to start in June 2020.

Car Accidents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The local shelter-in-place orders in case of Florida might be expiring soon however, it doesn’t mean that the crisis is over. People are still well-advised to stay at home as much as possible for avoiding the possibility of spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus. But, even during the lockdown, car accidents may occur. These accidents are stressful however if you have a plan of action ready for them, you can stay calm even during the worst-case scenarios. If you are involved in a car accident during the COVID-19 crisis, follow these easy steps,

1. Call the police.
2. Collect the contact information.
3. Take photographs of the related evidence.
4. Get medical attention as quickly as possible.
5. Call a car accident attorney before you get in touch with the insurance company.


Although these steps remain the same even at normal times many of them are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the police in certain areas are trying to limit their responses only in the event of the more serious accidents. You must insist that the police arrive at the scene so that a police report may be filed. Even during the process after the accident try to maintain six feet distance between yourself and others.

Medical Aid

In case you have suffered just minor injuries it may be difficult to get a physician at the scene fast. The medical records of the injuries make a vital difference in the court case as they connect with the accident. Sooner you visit a doctor after the accident easier it is to establish that the accident was responsible for the injuries. Don’t wait for medical aid due to the fear of hospitals. Remember, medical care is necessary not only for your wellbeing but for the validity of the court case.

Legal Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone reasons to worry about along with a range of difficulties. However, car accidents have to be taken seriously. Even at the time of the pandemic you must try and seek justice if your car was wrecked due to the negligence of the other. If you put off the things it will make things significantly more difficult to prove your case.

You can get professional legal help from the car accident attorney available at the Rojas Law Group for car accidents in Tampa. They are working despite the pandemic and helping their clients get justice.

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When you take into consideration a normal week in San Francisco, California there are around 260 phone calls made regarding car accidents to 911. But in the week of 17-23 March 2020, there were only 110. This is the fewest number of traffic collision calls made within seven days in the last 17 years. Everyone is feeling the stress and it can cause an effect on our capability to drive safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some reasons which can lead to car accidents.

Reasons for Car Accidents due to Coronavirus Anxiety

1. Incoming News: Any incoming disastrous news about coronavirus can be a distraction while driving on the road. This is typically more likely to happen while listening to the updates on the car radio and concentrating more on what is happening in the world rather on the road while driving.

2. Altering Sleeping Patterns: Because of the anxiety and having to deal with the new reality, a lot of people are reporting changing sleeping patterns and poor quality sleep. This can also cause tired driving. It is one of the main reasons for car accidents across Florida.

3. Uncertainty: Due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation many of us are feeling anger and frustration while driving. This can cause road rage incidents and distracted driving.

4. Anxieties and Worries: If you are feeling anxiety, fear, or worry due to the coronavirus crisis, it will also lead to distraction even when you are just a phone call away from help. There is every chance that you are contemplating your future and this emotional distraction will be insidious as avoiding it is not very easy.

Remedial Measures for Car Accidents due to Coronavirus Situation

1. Be Aware and Stay Calm: You need to be aware of the dangers associated with the coronavirus situation as it is one of the first steps towards averting the danger. Try and think about the ways of staying in control and managing your emotions as far as possible while driving and otherwise.

2. Push Away All Distractions: Although there are fewer drivers on the road at the moment due to the coronavirus situation you will be required to drive defensively and stay away from all the devices and push away the various distractions. Concentrate on the road and your driving. Also remember that other drivers could be distracted, upset, and making driving error so you have to make way for them as well. Be prepared for the unexpected during the crisis.

3. Limit the Driving and Get Help Wherever Required: If you find that you are struggling or you are exposed to the coronavirus possibility and are not feeling well just limit your driving. Ask a relative or a friend to pick you up in case there is something you need to do or if you need any groceries. You can also order online if the facility is working in your region.


If you have been involved in a car accident in the Tampa Bay area and are wondering about the current situation which may affect your capability to get compensation for the loss, you can get in touch with the Rojas Law Group for consultation. You can discuss the accident with an attorney and also the possible claim.

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