Car accidents keep on increasing with rising traffic levels. Speeding vehicles are a major cause of accidents. When an accident takes place due to the recklessness or carelessness of another driver, fair compensation should be given to the other person, that was following the rules and was driving within speed limits. This compensation includes the cost involved in car repairs, injury, and lost income.

According to Florida’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding-related car crashes constitute 15% of the total road accidents. An agency also points out that accident-related injuries are worse due to the high speed. As per the lawsuits in Tampa, Florida, speed can be a significant factor in accident liability.

As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, almost 1/3 of the worst car accidents took place either due to careless behavior of driver or excessive speed. What makes it worse is that drivers always have excuses for running their car at high speed.

Speeding is dangerous because of certain reasons such as:

  • Vehicle at high speed needs longer distance and time to stop
  • Lesser ability to escape from obstructions on the road
  • The vehicle takes considerable time to stop while the driver reacts to a situation. Thus, there are more chances of injuries to other people on the road
  • Increased injuries because it is difficult to assess the vehicle’s distance for the pedestrians and other drivers
  • Data reveals that an increase in miles per hour increases the death and injury rate.

Car accident lawyers of Naples explain that the basis of liability in car accident lawsuits related to excessive speed depends on case facts.

What does Speeding Mean?

Speeding just not only means driving over the speed limit but much more than that. Speeding means driving too fast based on road conditions even if within the speed limit. The weather conditions in Tampa, Florida change quickly and thus drivers need to adjust their speeds. They need to be on alert throughout the drive.

A driver may drive safely at a speed of 60 mph on a sunny day but certainly not in a sudden rainstorm. The constantly changing road conditions include weather, poorly maintained roads, and debris on the roadway, traffic congestion, bicyclists, pedestrians, or animals.

Drivers should maintain a reasonable speed of the vehicle according to the weather and road conditions by keeping in mind the potential and actual hazards. The speed of the vehicle should be controlled to avoid crashes and collisions with any vehicle, person, or object.

The liability is established on proof of negligence that is carelessness resulting in harm to another person. Fine is also imposed on speeding drivers.

Do all the car accidents need litigation in Tampa, Florida?

Not every car accident injury needs litigation to resolve the issue because car insurance in Florida is a no-fault state. Thus if there is a minor injury then a person is compensated by the insurance coverage. Personal injury protection does not need proof of fault and provides up to $10, 000 in wage and medical loss coverage.

A severely injured person can pursue compensation with the other driver. However, in this case, it is mandatory to provide evidence related to the driver’s negligence. Speeding is evidence of negligence and it means a violation of rules and duty to care for others. Thus, you will win the case automatically in this scenario.

If you want an experienced personal car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, you can contact Rojas Law Group. We are helping car accident victims for nearly 30 years.

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Generally speaking, it is a good idea to speak to an auto accident attorney if you were involved in an auto accident. Even though it is natural to assume that your insurance ought to take care of all things, in actual practice, it is tough to recover all compensation you deserve for auto accident injuries you have suffered. You can talk to an experienced auto accident attorney in the area to review the case and he can guide you about the alternatives available for the pursuit of compensation. An experienced attorney can guide you about several aspects of the claim. Here are some important reasons why you need to hire the services of an attorney.

1. Identification of claim alternatives

Florida is one of the “no-fault” insurance states. Injured motorists are normally barred from filing claims against careless car drivers that caused the accident rather, they are expected to reach out to insurers for payment of damages such as lost income and medical expenses. When you are injured in an auto accident, in the beginning, you will have to file a PIP or Personal Injury Protection insurance claim. But, if you have sustained serious injuries you can file for full compensation against the car driver at fault. An expert auto accident lawyer can consider records and evidence to advise you about compensation possibilities beyond PIP such as suffering, pain, inconvenience, and mental anguish.

2. Fault assessment

Similar to other kinds of personal injury claims you have to establish the negligence of the other party that led to the auto accident. Most of the fault-based claims are filed against the other car driver. Your attorney can investigate to decide how the accident occurred and who was at fault? Some examples of negligence are,

  • Following the car in front too closely.
  • Speeding.
  • Running a stop sign, red light, or other traffic signs.
  • Driving under influence.
  • Aggressive driving.
  • Distracted driving.

It is also possible that other parties are at fault for the auto accident depending on circumstances. A thorough investigation from the attorney will reveal evidence regarding the party at fault that could be,

  • A regular commercial business.
  • An automobile parts manufacturer.
  • A government entity.
  • A construction company.

There is also the possibility that several parties are liable in this claim and the recovery of full compensation for damages and injuries is related to the identification of all the parties at fault.

3. Calculation of damages

If you have suffered serious injuries during an auto accident, it is significant that you are aware of the full extent of damages that you are entitled to. If the insurer of the at-fault driver offers a settlement you have to be capable of deciding if it is fair before accepting it. Normally, the damages from an auto accident are divided into a couple of categories viz. economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages include lost wages, medical bills, loss of earning capability, and other out-of-pocket expenditures. Non-economic damages are emotional distress, pain and suffering, disfigurement and scars, and loss of consortium. Your lawyer can collect evidence on your behalf for supporting the damages in the claim.

4. Negotiations for a fair settlement

In case of a fault-based claim, the insurer of the negligent driver normally is the party that is liable for paying damages. The insurers may deny your claims and offer low settlements in hope that you will not take a legal path. It is overwhelming to try and negotiate with the insurer so, it is a good idea to hire an attorney for representing you in the negotiations. An experienced lawyer can protect your rights and he will act in your best interest.

Auto accident attorneys working in Rojas Law Group are experienced and have worked in line for several decades representing injured car drivers. They can understand difficulties faced by people seriously injured in auto accidents. If you live in Tampa, FL area you can expect personalized service and persistence regarding the claim.

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Car accidents are something that nobody wants to experience, yet sadly there are 8000 accidents across the United States every single year that are due to tire problems, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.

If you live in the Tampa area, snow and ice are a non-issue. But there are still factors present that can bring problems to your tires, and adversely affect your safety. Making sure to follow proper tire safety will help you to stay safe and avoid any possible mishaps.

The Most Common Issues

Tire debris on the road is due to someone’s tire running over a sharp object, but it can also occur if the tire gets worn down too much or overheats. Also, if the tire is simply defective then it can also suffer from breaking.

To avoid a blowout while on the road, make sure to follow these simple safety procedures:

Keep Your Tires Inflated Properly

Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that they do not a blowout. If they are underinflated then too much surface area comes into contact with the road, meaning that there is more of a chance of the tiring blowing out,

Alternatively, overinflated tires make controlling your car more difficult while also offering much less traction. Finding a good balance and inflating your tires to the proper pressure will safeguard you from any possible disasters that can occur due to improper inflation.

Change Your Tires Regularly

While it does cost a bit of money to change your tires it is something that must be done if you value your safety. If the treads of your tire are worn down then you will have a much harder time stopping and turning. And if they become extremely worn then the entire integrity of the tire is adversely affected, making it very susceptible to blowouts.

Regularly Check Your Tires

To reduce the risk of a car accident make sure to check your tires all the time. If you notice anything sticking out of the tire, it is bulging, or that it is worn down oddly immediately visit a tire shop or dealership to get it looked at.

Check your tires at least twice every month and before you go on long road trips.

Have Your Tires Checked

While taking a look at your tires is well and good, it is always good to have them looked at by a professional. When getting your oil changed or having your car worked on, ask the mechanic to have a look at your tires as well.

Only Buy Tires from Reputable Sources

Try to stay away from purchasing used tires, but if you have no choice then make sure they are not tires that have been recalled. When buying new tires ensure that they are from a reputable store that stores tire properly. Tires can become damaged if stored improperly.


You depend on your car’s tires to get you where you need to go. If something goes wrong with them and that defect has caused you or a loved one to get into a car accident don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Rojas Law Group.

The experts at Rojas Law Group will ensure that you get the justice you deserve. For collisions caused by the negligence of another or defective tires you have a valid legal claim and are entitled to obligation. Attorney Rojas specializes in representing crash victims and their families, and she will treat yours with the utmost care and respect as she works to bring you justice.

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After you have been engaged in an auto accident where it was no fault of yours, the other driver of the car is usually responsible for paying your medical bills. It is done normally through the insurer. But the insurer of the other driver is unlikely to pay for the doctors immediately or reimburse the bills for the visits of the doctor. A settlement with the insurance company may take months to materialize or even years in some cases depending on the length of your medical treatment. During this period most of the doctors or hospitals have to be paid immediately. If you fail to do so they will send your case to collections.

Common expenses arising out of a car accident

In most cases, three important kinds of expenses arise from auto accidents viz.,

1. Medical expenses: The costs involved in emergency medical care, visiting the specialist, and the follow-up appointments with different doctors are commonplace after any serious injury from a car accident. These expenses may amount to a serious total when you are forced to undergo surgery, or have to stay in the hospital for a long time, or if some of the treatment is not covered by the medical insurance.

2. Car replacement or repair: When your car has sustained considerable damage it might be required to be repaired or replaced. It can also add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

3. Loss of income: When the injuries you have sustained in a car accident are severe you may be forced to miss work. It means you will be missing out on your earning. In some of the cases, you might have to sit out for weeks or even months if the sustained injuries do not permit you to resume the work duties.

Apart from these important factors, you can face other incidental expenses such as,

  • Follow-up during medical care that includes on-going care and rehabilitation.
  • Need for wheelchairs, crutches, and other medical expenses.
  • Medicine.
  • Getting grab bars or other similar accessibility facilities during the recovery.
  • Personal support at the house such as child care and help for running errands and house cleaning.
  • Transportation such as car rental or taxis etc.
  • If you are accused of being responsible for the accident there will be legal costs.
  • Repair or replacement of laptops, cell phones, and other personal items damaged during the accident.

Car accident insurance

If you have insurance for car accidents you can assume that you are well covered. But the insurance companies are looking to resolve these clams fast and for lower amounts. Likely, they will not take into consideration the incidental costing such as the costs needed to make your house more accessible after you have suffered a serious injury in the car accident. Insurers might not take into consideration the permanent or long term costs of the injuries. It is also possible that the treatment may become more expensive due to inflation.

If you are looking to get a no-obligation, free evaluation for finding out the worth of the injuries in a car accident that took place in the Tampa, FL area, get in touch with Rojas Law Group. This firm offers a free consultation with an expert attorney in car accidents. Their legal team has decades of legal experience in helping out the drivers such as yourself in the state.

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Truck accidents are responsible for causing severe injuries and can result in property damage. When you sustain injuries at the time of a truck accident you will be wondering if you need a truck accident attorney. This truck or car accident attorney can help in protecting your rights and aid you in getting compensation from the insurance companies that are covering the truck driver. This truck accident attorney will also provide much needed legal protection. If you are wondering about the need of having a truck accident attorney, take into account some of these significant considerations.

Can you handle the claim on your own?

Even though it is possible to try and handle the claim by yourself a better question is should you go about it? In most cases, the answer to this question is No. Most victims of a truck accident do not realize that a vehicle collision is more complex legally than your average car accident claim. It is quite difficult to get fair compensation without having an experienced truck accident attorney working for you. There are also the risks of making mistakes that can undermine your case.

Investigating the truck accident

Car accidents usually disrupt the traffic for an hour or so but truck accidents can keep the roads closed even for most of a day. It is also possible that multiple vehicles are involved in the accident and injuries suffered by the victims are severe. There are many fatal accidents taking place as well. The truck accident investigations have to be thorough and painstaking and they involve several agencies including local and state police apart from federal investigators and representatives from insurance companies. If you have a truck accident attorney, there is a dedicated person in place for your claim. After completing the initial consultation, a truck accident attorney will conduct an independent investigation of the truck accident.

Calculating the damages

When you are seriously injured due to a truck accident the main concern on your mind will be paying for the medical bills. The accident may force you to stop working for a while leaving you with no income to pay for the living expenses. Keep in mind that truck accident injuries are expensive but, the damages you receive are not limited to lost wages and medical expenses. You are also entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering, loss in earning capability, loss in enjoyment in life, etc. It is tough for the accident victims to consider the scope of the losses as they get overwhelmed with various bills. The experienced truck accident attorney has the knowledge required to evaluate the losses and then work with experts for calculating the damages.

Negotiations with the Insurers

One of the more difficult parts of any truck accident is dealing with the insurers. If there are several parties responsible for the truck accident there may be several truck accident claims involving many insurers. All insurance carriers are looking to find out a reason for paying you as less as possible or even outright deny the claim. They use many tricks towards this end and it is easy to fall into those traps especially at a time when you are injured and are in pain. The truck accident attorney can handle all the interactions with the insurers on your behalf. Legal representation is critical to protect your rights and negotiate a fair settlement.

All truck accident claims are complicated by nature. If you have sustained severe injuries in the crash or if you have lost a loved one in the truck accident, the last thing you should try and take on is trying to investigate the accident, dealing with the insurers, and fighting for compensation. If you live in the Tampa, FL area you can get in touch with Rojas Law Group for discussing all the aspects of your claim. Experienced truck accident attorneys are working with this firm that is aware of the methods used by insurance companies and they can pursue the matter to get maximum damages on your behalf.

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With the holiday season upon us, distracted and unsafe drivers are a very common and unfortunate occurrence on the many roads throughout the US and around the Tampa, Florida area.

With people thinking about where they need to be and rushing to and fro trying to get last-minute shopping finished up, it’s very easy for drivers to forget to pay full attention to the road and those around them.

Just one mistake while driving can lead to a serious accident and bring harm to you as well as those who are hit. Take a look at the following tips you can follow to avoid distracted driving this time of year.

Make Yourself a To-Do List

To start things off, go ahead, and create a personal worklist for things that you need to get done. When you are not sure what it is that you need to be doing it is easy to become distracted.

Thinking about what you need to buy or finish up while you’re driving through busy intersections and highways is the last thing that you want to be doing.

Make a list of the things you need to get done, check it over, and then refer back to the list once you are safely stopped and reach your destination. This way you can fully focus on the road and drive safely.

Do One Task at a Time

Building off of the previous tip, you want to focus on only one task at a time. It helps that focusing solely on only one task at a time will help to make things more effective, as well.

When performing one activity focus solely on that activity, especially when driving. Don’t take phone calls or try to text people while you’re on the road. Save that for when you are safely parked and away from traffic.

Split the Work

To present less strain on yourself and keep your mind clear and ready to focus on driving, consider splitting the work with other family members or friends.

Instead of trying to buy all the presents, write all of the Christmas cards, and prepare all of the food, try to get other people to assist you in this.

Delegating the work between members of the family is a great way to remove stress from yourself and reduce the risk of distracted driving and car accidents.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Keeping yourself healthy may not seem to be related to distracted driving, but it actually can have quite the effect on drivers.

If you are feeling sick or have a cold or flu, you may not be able to react or pay attention as well when driving down the road. Getting drowsy while driving due to medications is also one of the last things that you want to have happened.

Keep yourself healthy during the holiday season to be at full attention whenever you’re driving about.

Use Taxis and Delivery Services

If all else fails, consider availing of the various delivery services this season. Get food and goods delivered right to your doorstep, saving you the need to go out at all.

And should you need to go out but don’t trust yourself to be able to stay undistracted, consider taking a taxi or Uber to your destination? This way you can pay full attention to the task at hand without worrying about distracted driving.

If you follow these simple tips then you should have a safe, and distraction-free holiday season.

Of course, not all drivers will be driving undistracted, and should you ever find yourself getting into a car accident due to a distracted driver, don’t hesitate to contact Rojas Law Group.

At Rojas Law Group, you’ll get the best service from experienced attorneys that have been helping families with claims for almost 30 years. With cases solely dealing in negligence law, you can rest assured that the experience of the firm is very high.

If you want a professional attorney who can handle your claim and assist you with any car accidents or issues caused by distracted drivers in the Tampa area, Rojas Law Group has you covered.

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Distracted driving has gradually become one of the more common issues during the last few years especially in the case of driver safety and car accidents. Although distracted driving is not a fresh concept there is a common problem with it. Texting while driving the vehicle has led to many car accidents and has caused the issue to be raised in almost all legislative assemblies in the country including in the state of Florida. Due to the several straight roads in the state, the drivers in Florida tend to take car driving for granted and try to do multitasking while driving. This leads to increased car accidents on the state roads.

About distracted driving

Distracted driving happens when a car driver takes his eyes off the road for some reason and takes his hands away from the steering wheel. Several actions lead to distraction but the number one cause in Florida is mobile phone use. It is the main reason for distraction especially among the age group between 16 to 24 years olds. However, youngsters are not the only ones susceptible to distractions. Adults and teens alike can get distracted by mobile phones. Other kinds of distractions include looking back in the car while driving to check with the kids or pets or talk to the passengers sitting in the back seat. Others get distracted while changing the radio station on the can or while checking the GPS.

Types of distractions

Here are the most common kinds of distractions.

Cognitive distractions

One of the basic problems specific to distracted driving is delayed response time to the various situations on the road especially while driving at high speeds. Any action that can take the diver’s mind off the task of driving safely on the road leads to cognitive decision-making skills. Some of these include worrying about different stresses while driving. For cutting down on car accidents due to mobile phone usage, many states have enforced laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving a car. Just the hand-free units are permitted. But some people are still distracted just by the talk on the cell phone. Just listening to the radio while driving may also lead to car accidents however, other major sources for distraction are loud passengers, or other passengers viewing videos.

Visual distractions

Any occurrence that requires the car driver to look away from the road can lead to a car accident. Although mobile devices are on top of the list, having to discipline irate children while driving a car may also lead to a car accident. Constant tinkering with the GPS device is another reason for visual distraction. Eating food and drinking can also lead to the driver taking his eyes off the road especially if something is spilled or dropped such as hot coffee.

Manual distractions

A driver must have both hands on the steering wheel at all times and both eyes on the road. When radios were installed in cars there was a major controversy over the safety of the installation because drivers have to reach down for adjusting the different settings while driving the car. These days even seemingly harmless actions such as hands-free cell phone use can lead to car accidents. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate on roads and keep in control of your car at all times on the highways.

Distracted driving is treated as negligence by the law especially when there is a serious injury during the car accident. The distracted driving car accidents can get tough as the parties involved try to recover through damages. You need to consult a car accident attorney expert in handling such cases. For car accidents in Tampa, FL area you can get in touch with Rojas Law Group for a free consultation.

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There are many different reasons why you may find yourself getting into a car accident. One reason is that they’re on the rise in general. Other reasons involve the other driver being negligent including driving while intoxicated or distracted. Sometimes driver errors simply occur. Regardless of the reason behind the accident, they can result in serious injuries such as facial injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even fatalities.

How to Avoid a Car Accident

Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which you can avoid getting into one of these accidents while driving. Some of these ways include:

● Driving defensively: Always try to think a few moves ahead of the other drivers who are on the road. Maintain all of your attention on the road so you’re ready for the unexpected to occur. This will allow you to react quickly and avoid getting into a car accident.

● Don’t drink and drive: If you’ve been drinking, have a plan. You can always take a taxi or other form of public transportation. Your goal here should be to find a way to get home safely, such as having a designated driver or to stay somewhere safe until you’re sober and can drive safely. Unfortunately, you never know when your plan may fall through so you should also have a backup plan.

● Remember, driving is a skill: A lot of people overestimate their driving ability. When you find yourself having a lot of near misses or fender benders you may have picked up some bad driving habits that you should pay attention to. Taking a one-on-one session with an instructor to brush up on your habit will help you be a safer, more confident driver. This is also a great way to help you learn how to get better control over the vehicle you’re driving. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a class, consider paying for one. It can be a great gift for yourself.

● Look at your car: Your driving skills are half the battle. The other half is the car you’re driving. You want to make sure that its brakes, tires, and other systems are all working properly. It’s a good idea to have a qualified mechanic give your car a regular tune-up. When you’re ready to buy a new car look for one that has all the latest safety systems as they’ll help you avoid a car accident in which you could be seriously injured. When you get in the car make sure you adjust your seat and mirror.

● Carefully choose your route: Pay attention to the weather, traffic, and road conditions. Use an app to help you choose the best route. Never drive when you’re feeling tired, angry, or distracted.

Try as you might, not every car accident is avoidable. When you’re in one due to some else’s reckless driving or negligence you’ll want to contact the Rojas Law Group in Tampa, FL. They’ll help you determine if you have a legal claim for which you can seek compensation.

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With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, there will be many people who are traveling to see friends and family. If you’re planning to be one of them, there are a few traveling safety tips you should keep in mind.

Take Caution in Planning Your Route

One of the first tips in traveling safely is to use caution in planning your route because you’re more prone to make a driving mistake when you grow frustrated from getting lost. Of course, when you encounter bad traffic you may start to get upset which could cause you to also make mistakes or drive more aggressively. Besides considering the route, also consider things like weather conditions, whether there will be traffic, any road work that may be occurring, or any other possible obstructions you may encounter. Besides programming your route into your GPS, you should also print out a map to take with you.

Think About Letting Someone Else Drive

Remember, driving isn’t the only way to get to your destination. A great way to get there without the stress of the holiday roads and possibly getting into a car accident is to consider taking a bus or a train. If you still plan to drive, consider traveling safely and do so with family or friends who can help with the driving, change the music, and read the map for you.

Use Wisdom in Scheduling Your Trip

Make sure that you’re able to get plenty of sleep before you set out on your trip. You also want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Take plenty of breaks along the way. Don’t overlook this traveling safety tip for sake of saving time on the road or you may find yourself in a car accident! By rushing to get to your destination you’re putting unnecessary stress on yourself which could cause you to make a careless mistake. When you give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going you’ll reduce the pressure and be more focused on safety.

Take Your car in for a Tune-Up

Prepare your car for the drive, especially if you’re traveling a long distance. If you plan to drive somewhere that gets snow or ice, make sure you winterize your vehicle (e.g. get winter tires, fill up the antifreeze, make sure you use windshield wiper fluid designed for cold temperatures). Failure to do so makes it much more likely that you’ll get into a car accident. If you’re unfamiliar with driving in these conditions, consider leaving the driving to someone more familiar with them. Icy, snowy roads are dangerous and can easily lead to a crash if you’re unfamiliar with driving in these conditions.

Pack With Traveling Safety in Mind

Packing with traveling safety in mind means bringing certain items with you, including:

● Water and snacks
● First aid kit
● Insurance information
● Sunglasses

Take your time when packing to make sure you have everything you need and you can reach it all with ease. If you’re traveling alone, make sure someone knows the route you plan to take just in case you do get into a car accident.

Cut Down on Driving Dangers

The night before you plan to embark on your trip, make sure that you don’t drink any alcohol and that you get to bed early. When you’re in the car you should do everything possible to cut down on your distractions (e.g. turn your mobile phone off, have a long playlist so you don’t have to search for a radio station).

Plan for What to do if You’re in a Car Accident

Despite all your plans for traveling safely, you may still end up in a car accident. If this happens to you in Tampa, FL this Thanksgiving, contact the Rojas Law Group. They’re there to take good care of you in your time of need.

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Car accidents are one of the leading reasons for deaths among teenagers in the US. However, teenage car crashes can be prevented and there are proven strategies available that can prove the safety of these young drivers on the roads. The risk of injuries sustained during car crashes is higher in the case of teenagers aged between 16 and 19 than compared to other age groups. As a matter of fact per mile on the road, the teenage drivers belonging to this age group are 3 times more likely to get involved in fatal crashes than those aged more than 20. The teenagers more at risk of sustaining injuries are males, teenage drivers riding with other teenage passengers, and newly licensed drivers.

Factors putting the teenage drivers at risk on the roads

1. Inexperience: Teenage drivers are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations while driving than older drivers. They are also susceptible to erroneous decisions than compared to the adults leading to serious car crashes.

2. Speeding: Teenage drivers are more likely to speed their motor vehicle than compared to older drivers. They are many times also guilty of allowing shorter headways (this is the distance between the fronts of one car to the front of the one ahead.)

3. Using seat belts: Compared to other age groups these young adults use the seat belts less often. It was found in a survey that in the year 2017 just 58% of the high school students made sure that they were always wearing seat belts while riding as passengers. Out of the drivers between the age group 15 to 20 that died in car accidents in 2017, half were unrestrained at the time of the car accident and they were aware that the restraint was required.

4. Drunk driving: Although the young drivers have a lower rate of accidents than their older generation in terms of drunk driving, they are less likely to appreciate the need to consume less alcohol if any car driving is expected later. This holds true even when they are staying within the legal speed limits for the road. If the teenage driver has been a part of underage drinking he or she is at the risk of getting their driving license revoked.

5. Number of passengers in the car: The passengers riding in a car are a risk to the teenagers as surveys have indicated that the more the passengers in the car, the greater the risk of car accidents for the teenagers. If you are a teenager you are facing additional risk at these times due to the fact that other members in the enclosed spaces of a car can transmit coronavirus. Try to limit the number of passengers the teenager can carry in his car so that he can concentrate more on the road.

6. Distracted car driving: The distractions arrive in various forms. They can occur due to cell phones, dashboards, and other passengers of the vehicle. Encourage the teenage drivers to maintain their hands on the steering wheel at all times, eyes focused on the road, and their mind on driving the car. Discuss with them the various ways in which distractions occur while driving a car and help them in finding their own solutions for overcoming these distractions.

If you’re teenaged son or daughter is injured due to dangerous driving on someone else’s part due to negligence you can get in touch with a car accident lawyer at the Rojas Law Group if you stay in Tampa, FL area. You can discuss the matter with a car collision attorney to find out the various alternatives available to you.

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